Mosher Named VAQS Program Director

Dr. Hilary Mosher has been appointed Program Director of the Iowa City VA Quality Scholars (VAQS) Fellowship Program. The VAQS program consists of eight sites across the United States, with an affiliate site in Toronto, Canada. Each site, through a partnership between a VA hospital and an academic institution, delivers a two-year training program equipping […]

Recognizing Our Impact

Every member of a department with as long and storied a history as ours will appreciate the ways in which their actions could have a profound and lasting impact on the institution they serve. Few of our members have had more of an impact than Dr. François Abboud. The recent news of the renewal of […]

UIHC’s Travel Medicine Clinic Prepares Decades’ Worth of Travelers

Preparing for travel of any kind can always bring a headache. You have to make sure the necessary charging cables are packed, figure out which clothes you need to wear, double-check your reservations. And with enough planning on your own, you can foresee most of what needs to be resolved ahead of time to ensure […]

Protein interaction drives muscle atrophy

Muscle wasting, or atrophy, is a serious condition that affects millions of Americans. Aging is the most common cause, but muscle atrophy also happens as a result of muscle disuse—after injury or spinal cord damage, for example—malnutrition, critical illness, or advanced chronic diseases like cancer. Although muscle atrophy is very common, the molecular pathways that […]

Schilling Appointed to Professorship in Geriatrics Education

Dr. Margo Schilling has been named to the John McMaster Ristine M.D. Professorship in Geriatrics Education. Throughout her 30-year career at the University of Iowa, Dr. Schilling has distinguished herself as one of the leading scholars and educators of geriatric medicine. Her regular publications reveal a specialized consideration for the unique needs of this population, […]

UIHC’s Heart and Vascular Center Town Hall, 7/15/16

Last week, providers and administrators gathered in the Medical Alumni Auditorium for updates on the good work, the progress, and the road ahead for the UIHC’s Heart and Vascular Center (HVC), in which many Internal Medicine members play a significant role. Cathy Pierce, Chief of Operations at the HVC, guided the attendees through a summary […]

Ultrasound Symposium trains fellows in point-of-care use

Last Thursday and Friday, 47 fellows from throughout the country and 6 guest faculty from Midwest programs gathered at the University of Iowa for the 2016 Midwest Fellows Critical Care Ultrasound Symposium, organized by Dr. Gregory A. Schmidt, Professor of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Occupational Medicine. The symposium catered to the increasing use of bedside […]

Positive Collateral Damage in MRSA Fight

Drs. Michihiko Goto and Eli Perencevich have published new findings in the most recent issue of Clinical Infectious Disease that reveal the VA’s nationwide and successfully aggressive effort to decrease drug-resistant staph infections had the added benefit of dramatically reducing infection rates of even more difficult-to-fight bacteria. The VA’s efforts at increasing hand hygiene practice, […]

On the Cutting Edge of Compassionate Care and Innovation

Providing compassionate care that is tailored to the unique needs of all that we serve is woven into our DNA in Iowa. Few of our clinicians embody this as well as Dr. Nicole Nisly, Professor of General Internal Medicine. When she and Dr. Katie Imborek of Family Medicine established the LGBTQ clinic in 2012, they […]

Complex Disease Service seeks to solve mystery cases

Operating under the formal name of the Complex Disease Service, Dr. Zuhair Ballas and his colleagues aim to be the hotline for practitioners caring for puzzling patients. Serving in a consultative capacity, the service specializes in diagnosing patients who present with an usual combination of symptoms, who might have rare diseases, or who might have […]