Legionella: a reemerging pathogen

Article: Legionella: a reemerging pathogen Authors: Loreen A. Herwaldt; Alexandre R. Marra Journal: Curr Opin Infect Dis. 2018 May 21 Abstract: PURPOSE OF REVIEW: The present review summarizes new knowledge about Legionella epidemiology, clinical characteristics, community-associated and hospital-based outbreaks, molecular typing and molecular epidemiology, prevention, and detection in environmental and clinical specimens. RECENT FINDINGS: The […]

Nephrology Fellows Graduation, 6/8/18

Family was front and center at a recent gathering of the Division of Nephrology & Hypertension on the Iowa Memorial Union Terrace. Both in the literal sense as many faculty, fellows, and staff brought welcomed partners and children to the event. But also family in the figurative, but no less meaningful, sense as colleagues greeted […]

Abel Lab Member Named Latham Fellow

Jesse Cochran, a rising fourth-year undergraduate, has received a Latham Science Engagement Initiative (LSEI) Fellowship from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. LSEI Fellows are chosen based on demonstrated ability to perform high-quality scientific work with the intention of strengthening the ability to connect the broader community with scientific research. Sponsored by the College […]

A Tribute to Dr. Phil Schmid

It was no surprise that in the hour that the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine set aside to honor Dr. Phil Schmid, a steady of stream of well-wishers from across the institution stopped by to offer their congratulations. After 54 years of service, there was also no shortage of stories. Division Director Dr. Barry London offered […]

Khataei Finds Decreased Pain after HIIT

Everyone knows that regular exercise is beneficial, especially as a means of staving off more deleterious conditions. But as therapy for existing problems, are certain types of exercise more useful than others? That was the question asked in a study conducted by Tahsin Khataei, PhD, recently published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports […]

29th Annual Rheumatology Symposium, 6/1/18

There were a couple raised eyebrows when the flyer announcing this year’s CME symposium was revealed. It featured a provider administering some eye drops. What did rheumatology have to do with ophthalmology? The symposium planning committee had invited two lecturers to present on the intersection of eye-related conditions and rheumatologic concerns. James T. Rosenbaum, MD, […]

Implications of the New USPSTF Prostate Cancer Screening Recommendation—Attaining Equipoise

Editorial: Implications of the New USPSTF Prostate Cancer Screening Recommendation—Attaining Equipoise Author: Richard M. Hoffman, MD, MPH Journal: JAMA Intern Med. 2018 May 8. [Epub ahead of print] Excerpt: In abandoning its 2012 objection to prostate-specific antigen (PSA)–based screening for prostate cancer (D recommendation), the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) now supports individualized decision […]

A Season of Transition

This time of year is one of reflection and farewells. Next week, the Internal Medicine Residency Program will host its annual event to celebrate our graduating residents. I appreciate meeting friends and family who attend, because it gives me a chance to let them know just how important their loved ones have been to our […]

Graduating Resident Reflections, Class of 2018

Looking back, residency was a lot of what I expected. We worked hard and long hours, we dealt with emergencies and impossibly difficult situations, and we cried. We also laughed, went on trips, and celebrated holidays together. What stands out is the “we” part, who we are. I didn’t know how lucky I would be to find […]

Cardiology Fellows Contribute to New Textbook

Two fellows in Cardiovascular Medicine each co-authored a chapter in a new title forthcoming from Elsevier. Writing with Dr. Michael Giudici, Drs. Chad Ward and Bria Giacomino will see the publication of their work in the first edition of Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation. The textbook, edited by Greg Flaker, MD, Professor of Medicine at […]