Primary Care on the front lines of our health system

There really is no other way to say it. Based in the Division of General Internal Medicine, our general internists, mostly working at the Iowa River Landing facility, log more hours in direct and indirect contact with patients than most within University of Iowa Health Care. Fewer than 20 providers follow more than 14,000 patients […]

General Internal Medicine, some specifics

The below is a post from Richard Hoffman, MD, MPH, Director of the Division of General Internal Medicine. The general internists at Iowa River Landing (IRL) are thriving. Led by interim clinic director and clinical assistant professor Dr. Wendy Fiordellisi, the 17 faculty physicians and 2 APPs follow more than 14,000 patients. Productivity is projected […]

Burning question takes big step closer to answers

Alejandro Comellas Freymond, MD, clinical associate professor in the Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Occupational Medicine, and Emma Stapleton, PhD, a public health postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Occupational and Environmental Health and a member of Comellas’s lab, spent a week in Tamil Nadu, India, preparing to research the effects of indoor […]

Chauhan lab finds success in mentorship, nurturing of differences

A lot of impressive research is conducted every day in Internal Medicine. And that work occurs alongside efforts to train and build the careers of the next generation of researchers. One of the most accomplished at both aspects is Anil Chauhan, MTech, PhD. Since joining the University of Iowa in 2010, Chauhan, a professor in […]

Updates in Hematology Conference, 2/2/19

One of the greatest strengths of the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center (HCCC) at the University of Iowa is its ability to tap experts from a variety of disciplines to collaborate in new ways. At the tail end of the inaugural Updates in Hematology CME conference, some of those innovative collaborations were featured. Melissa Bates, PhD, […]

Kenny receives grant to examine cardiac dysfunction

Helena Kenny, PhD, a postdoctoral research scholar in Dr. Dale Abel’s lab and in the Division of Endocrinology, received a one-year, $250,000 grant from MyoKardia as a part of their MyoSeeds Research Grants Program. The grant will support Kenny’s investigation of how altered mitochondrial dynamics contribute to the development of cardiac dysfunction. “OPA1 is an […]

You Make a Difference in Internal Medicine

The University of Iowa Health Care Making a Difference program is designed to recognize individuals who have performed in an exemplary manner, consistent with the goals of service excellence, and with a commitment to quality care. In January, four members of our department were nominated by colleagues and patients for a variety of actions that have […]

Research Day winners present at Grand Rounds

A nice capstone in a decades-long tradition, each year the department invites the winners of the previous fall’s Research Day poster competition to deliver ten-minute oral presentations with time for questions at a designated Internal Medicine Grand Rounds. Cardiovascular Medicine Division Director Dr. Barry London noted afterward with a smile that he thought it was […]

February 2019 – Jonathan Bluemke

It did not take long before the 18-year-olds in National Guard boot camp started asking Jonathan Bluemke questions. “Why are you here?” they wanted to know of the then-26-year-old going through the same grueling training as them. His answer then might have been more expansive, but his answer now is essentially the same as it […]