Recognizing trailblazers past, present, and future

Today we are nearing the end of Black History Month. If you follow our department on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen the minute-long videos each weekday at noon that our digital media team produced and posted. All of the videos have been gathered under the hashtag #BlackHistoryInMedicine and they are also here as […]

Black History in Medicine: 20 one-minute stories

The impact of Black Americans on the course of medicine cannot be overstated. Though often denied access to the same opportunity, training, and compensation as their white counterparts, these 20 individuals are all united by their devotion to improving the health of their neighbors, their communities, and the world despite the injustice they faced. James […]

Phase I clinical trial group finds efficiencies, increases

Opening any clinical trial requires the satisfaction of many regulatory requirements for very good reasons. Scores of people review applications, confer in committees, weigh risks and benefits, all to make sure that the investigator has patient safety as their guide. This process is important, but it can also be lengthy and overlong delays can doom a trial before it can even […]

Online presentation: Do You Want to Breathe? Don’t Vape – February 25, 2021

Internal Medicine’s Virtual Grand Rounds presentation for Thursday, February 25 will be: Do You Want to Breathe? Don’t Vape12:00-1:00pmThursday, February 25, 2021 Alejandro Comellas, MD, Clinical Professor, Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Occupational Medicine Meredith Frey, PharmD, Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Resident, Department of Pharmaceutical Care Click this link on Thursday just before noon to […]

Dodd expands MPNST research with new DOD grant

Rebecca Dodd, PhD, assistant professor in Hematology, Oncology, and Blood and Marrow Transplantation, received a three-year $811,125 grant from the US Department of Defense (DOD). Titled “Targeting a pro-tumorigenic immunosuppressive loop in MPNST,” Dodd’s project will examine the processes behind Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor (MPNST) development. MPNSTs are sarcomas that occur in 8-13% of […]

StARR grant offers Peds, IntMed residents research opportunities

Training programs at Iowa have always promised flexibility, offering opportunities to tailor specifics in order to meet long-term career goals. Now, with the receipt of a four-year, $1.3M R38 grant from the NIH’s National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), trainees in the Departments of Internal Medicine and of Pediatrics have access to a new […]

Locally invasive, castrate-resistant prostate cancer in a Pten/Trp53 double knockout mouse model of prostate cancer monitored with non-invasive bioluminescent imaging

Article: Locally invasive, castrate-resistant prostate cancer in a Pten/Trp53 double knockout mouse model of prostate cancer monitored with non-invasive bioluminescent imaging Authors: Courtney Yong, Devon L Moose, Nadine Bannick, Wade R Gutierrez, Marion Vanneste, Robert Svensson, Patrick Breheny, James A Brown, Rebecca D Dodd, Michael B Cohen, Michael D Henry Journal: PLoS One. 2020 Sep […]

Recognizing Teaching Excellence

Learners in the Carver College of Medicine are invited to provide examples of effective teaching at the end of each rotation. Read what our trainees recently had to say about Internal Medicine educators below. Read previous submissions. John Rieth, MD, Third Year ResidentSubmitted by Zehra Khan I had the privilege of working with and learning […]

Operation: Valentine

The department never stops thinking about how to show our residents what they mean to us. The latest demonstration came in the form of boxed sweets from one of the best local bakeries in town. (This does not constitute an official endorsement of DeLuxe Cakes and Pastries, nor have we been compensated with free pain […]

Manuscript Tips: Miscellany

The following is the next installment in a series on writing for publication from Kris Greiner, editor in the Design Center. Explore her suite of editing services. This series of posts has presented advice and instructions for the major parts of a manuscript, from the title page all the way through to the conclusion. But after the painstaking finalization […]