Perspective as we celebrate a New Year

We made it. Like most of you, I’m sure, I greeted the New Year yesterday with the same measure of bittersweetness that has infused many of our holiday traditions these last couple months. Celebrations that are typically a source of joy have had to look a little different, and after a long year in which […]

State of the Department, 2020

The following is an abridged and edited transcript of last week’s State of the Department address. To view the entire presentation, click here (hawkid login required). Good afternoon, everyone. It’s a real pleasure and honor to be delivering the State of the Department address. I look forward to this every year. This has been a […]

Our fellowship programs, our future in the making

After more than a decade of post-secondary education, fellowship training represents for most their final extended program of training before they launch their careers as a subspecialist. After the rigors and breadth of the years of residency training, fellows take a deep dive into their chosen field, to become skilled in providing advanced care across […]

Our trainees on the frontlines

You know that things are serious when we are in the national news every day this week. There should be no doubt that our state (and country) is experiencing one of the worst health crises in our history and our hospital is at the epicenter. The spotlight is on us, and our faculty have become […]

Celebrating even in the midst of uncertainty

Record-breaking and unprecedented seems to start every sentence these days and for good reason. This week we witnessed record-breaking turnout in our general elections in the country, our state, and even in Johnson County. Yesterday the United States also broke records for new COVID-19 infections (exceeding 120,000 in one day), and sadly our own state […]

Multiple facets of our educational mission

Our fellowship programs have been the test subjects for a new way of recruiting in the COVID-19 era. It is hard to predict whether this year will have been just a one-off driven by the pandemic or whether these virtual interviews will become the norm even after travel restrictions are no longer necessary. It is important, not […]

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Like many of you, I was concerned and alarmed when I learned for the first time on Monday that a decision had been made, but not widely communicated, to “pause” Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training in response to Executive Order 13905 pending internal review. Since then, I have heard from many members of our […]

Despite challenges, breakthroughs continue

This has been a clinically challenging year, but faculty and providers throughout University of Iowa Health Care have demonstrated an imagination for devising solutions and for collaborating in new ways on their implementation. Many of the innovations have been in response to one of the greatest threats to our community’s and our planet’s health and […]

Diversity in our ranks

Over the past week and for the next couple weeks, we will be introducing you to the faculty who have joined us in 2020. Some of these new members just joined us at the turn of the new academic year, others have been with us a little longer. Some are returning to academic medicine; others […]

Our trainees’ promise

This afternoon, our incoming medical students will participate in an honorable tradition at the Carver College of Medicine, the White Coat Ceremony. At that link you can learn the history behind the event as well as learn details about who will recite the Oath of Hippocrates today. Welcome, first-years! You are entering medicine at a […]