March 2019 – Emily Chasco

“A former classmate who was working for the VA out in California sent me the job announcement. She said, ‘I know this research group, I think very highly of them, and I think you should really consider reaching out to them and seeing if this job would be a good fit for you.’” The research […]

February 2019 – Jonathan Bluemke

It did not take long before the 18-year-olds in National Guard boot camp started asking Jonathan Bluemke questions. “Why are you here?” they wanted to know of the then-26-year-old going through the same grueling training as them. His answer then might have been more expansive, but his answer now is essentially the same as it […]

January 2019 – Aubrie Stuckey

When deciding her future after high school, Aubrie Stuckey, MSN, ARNP, had a simple career plan. She was going to become an accountant. “I wasn’t very happy about it. My dad was an accountant. So, when I was trying to figure out ‘what am I going to do?’ I just kind of went with that, […]

December 2018 – Ivana Frech

One of the chief benefits of a multidisciplinary team is that members provide varied viewpoints on a particular problem. But when you have Ivana Frech, MS, DSc, PhD, MBA, on your team, the multitude of perspectives can come from just one person. Dr. Frech’s title, Assistant Research Scientist, does not scratch the surface of just […]

November 2018 – Danish Safi

Danish Safi, MBBS, is happy to be patient. Since June of this year, Dr. Safi has been an Associate in the Division of General Internal Medicine, seeing patients as a Hematology-Oncology Hospitalist. The Hospitalist Program divides into a few subspecialties, including those like Dr. Safi who cares for inpatients who have been diagnosed with cancer. […]

October 2018 – Petar Lenert

Varied definitions of home—where you grew up, where your family still lives, where you spent most of your life, where you live now—can often all point to the same location. For many, particularly those whose homes have experienced history-textbook-worthy, capital-E Events, some of those definitions of home can perhaps only exist in memory. Petar Lenert, […]

September 2018 – Marin Schweizer

Marin Schweizer, PhD, thinks a lot about how to make effective change stick. For about the last eight years, she has been working on ways to reduce the incidences of hospital-acquired infections (HAI), particularly those that come during and after surgeries. An Associate Professor of Internal Medicine in General Internal Medicine and of Epidemiology, Dr. […]

August 2018 – Claire Graves

“It was soccer that showed me Iowa, but once I got here I knew this would be a great fit for what I want to do in the future.” Claire Graves has been playing soccer her whole life, including currently for the University of Iowa, but Internal Medicine has been helping her picture what her […]

February 2018 – Marcus Barlow

Most career decisions are made for a variety of reasons, some consciously, others clarifying only in retrospect. We consider our interests, the potential for financial security, how much good our labor can produce in the world. These factors and others get weighed in different degrees, even shifting over time. For Marcus Barlow, physician assistant in […]

January 2018 – Jennifer Streeter

Jennifer Streeter, MD, PhD, keeps finding good reasons to stay at the University of Iowa. For more than 15 years, the first-year fellow in cardiovascular medicine has completed one degree after another, all as a Hawkeye. “What’s kept me here,” Dr. Streeter says, “is the feel and the environment. I don’t think you’ll find the […]