August 2018 – Claire Graves

“It was soccer that showed me Iowa, but once I got here I knew this would be a great fit for what I want to do in the future.” Claire Graves has been playing soccer her whole life, including currently for the University of Iowa, but Internal Medicine has been helping her picture what her […]

February 2018 – Marcus Barlow

Most career decisions are made for a variety of reasons, some consciously, others clarifying only in retrospect. We consider our interests, the potential for financial security, how much good our labor can produce in the world. These factors and others get weighed in different degrees, even shifting over time. For Marcus Barlow, physician assistant in […]

January 2018 – Jennifer Streeter

Jennifer Streeter, MD, PhD, keeps finding good reasons to stay at the University of Iowa. For more than 15 years, the first-year fellow in cardiovascular medicine has completed one degree after another, all as a Hawkeye. “What’s kept me here,” Dr. Streeter says, “is the feel and the environment. I don’t think you’ll find the […]

November 2017 – Nabeel Hamzeh

When someone graduates from the University of Iowa or pursues career opportunities elsewhere, each person is told, “You will always have a home here.” The Department of Internal Medicine has been delighted to prove that to Dr. Nabeel Hamzeh, former resident and Chief Resident of our program. Late last summer, Dr. Hamzeh returned to Iowa […]

September 2017 – Tammy Lowe

“You don’t learn until you do.” Tammy Lowe was describing letting a neighbor girl prepare one of the miniature horses she and her husband raise for a competitive show at the recent Iowa State Fair, but these words could easily stand as a guiding principle for the way Ms. Lowe has approached her career. They […]

August 2017 – Shobha Chitneni

“This community has been really good to me. I wanted to give something back for the way they have always supported me.” Dr. Shobha Chitneni, Clinical Assistant Professor of Hematology, Oncology, and Blood & Marrow Transplantation, has lived and worked in the Quad Cities-area for more than twenty years, providing cancer treatment and care to […]

July 2017 – Santosh Kumar

Loyalty is a factor often overlooked in the pursuit of scientific advancement. And yet in the case of some recent publications and discoveries emerging from the Department of Internal Medicine, loyalty among colleagues has made a large difference. Dr. Santosh Kumar, then a postdoctoral fellow in vascular biology, was on a holiday break between semesters […]

June 2017 – Meredith Schaffner

Dr. Meredith Schaffner is about to begin the third and final year of her hematology and medical oncology fellowship. Though she has solidifying ideas about the next step in her career, her more immediate plans involve summer travel. She just returned from a trip to Estes Park, Colorado, hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. In […]

May 2017 – Shelly McGurk

Leadership by example is always one of the best strategies for inspiring others to do their best work. And because compassionate care for in-patients is a primary goal of providers on 4 Roy Carver, that makes Hospitalist ARNP Shelly McGurk one of the team’s most effective leaders. Originally from Blue Grass, Iowa, a town situated […]

April 2017: Stephanie Silva-Del Toro

“I almost didn’t even come to the interview at Iowa,” Stephanie Silva-Del Toro laughs. Nearing the end of her two-year, post-baccalaureate program at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, Ms. Silva-Del Toro felt like she had it figured out. “I had everything already set up” to continue working in the lab in which she had grown […]