Recruiting for the future

Among the many elements that recruits cite as helping them rank our residency program in the Match is being able to hear from the residents themselves. For the last few years, interns and second- and third-year residents have drafted diaries describing what “A Day in the Life” looks like for them. Some go diary-style and […]

Diversity will secure our future

In my last post we were near the end of Women in Medicine month and now we are right in the middle of Latinx Heritage Month. This celebration is unique for several reasons, not least of which is that the University of Iowa formally recognizes its run from September 15 through November 2. That beginning […]

Loss and resilience

Make no mistake, we have been facing a lot of hard days. Recent losses of faculty members, losses by department colleagues of parents, and even the loss of children have reminded us all of our fragility and the quickness with which our whole world can change. But in our grief, we are reminded of the […]

Our publications reflect who we are

Recently, the Carver College of Medicine asked department chairs to nominate up to three publications from 2020 that demonstrate excellence in research for a “Best Paper Award.” Only one nomination could be considered in each of three categories of research—basic science, clinical, and education. With more than 1,100 publications last year by department faculty, this […]

Leveraging the collaboration in our DNA

Earlier this year I was fortunate to publish a Viewpoint in the Journal of Clinical Investigation about collaborative science. I believe that my own experiences with it both as a young investigator and now as a slightly less young chair of Internal Medicine and as a director of a multidisciplinary research center have yielded multiple […]

Appreciating our diversity, our strength

What an honor it is to write this week’s message to you. On Tuesday next week, the Department of Internal Medicine will return to a tradition we began 15 years ago, Employee Appreciation Day. In its first years, we designed and printed T-shirts for everyone, and I enjoy seeing those appear in labs or around […]

A forest of innovation

This week has been the hottest week of the year in Iowa. As you read this, an estimated 10,000 cyclists are riding the 64 miles from Anamosa to DeWitt. Tomorrow, they will dip their front tires in the Mississippi River after crossing the final 32 miles to the riverside town of Clinton, Iowa. This will […]

Social determinants of health, burnout and self-care

If you attended or watched last week’s Grand Rounds given by Dr. Robert Wallace from the College of Public Health, you would have learned that we had been losing ground in the United States when it comes to life expectancy even before COVID-19 appeared. The reason for this comes back again and again to social […]

Momentum propels the new academic year

And then, in a rush, it’s July already. Welcome to the last half of calendar 2021, the new fiscal year, and a new academic year. Yesterday was our interns’ first day on the job as freshly minted doctors. I am already hearing reports from faculty on just how impressed they are with our newest members. […]

Juneteenth and our commitment to equity and inclusion

Tomorrow is Juneteenth. Earlier this week, both houses of Congress voted by wide bipartisan margins to make Juneteenth a federal holiday. Yesterday, President Biden signed this into law. This decision recognizes that to build a better tomorrow it is important to acknowledge the stains of the past and to use the lessons of history to […]