Commitment to community

Being a member of a community comes with a lot of benefits. You have people around you who give you encouragement, who invest in your growth, who value your wellbeing, who celebrate your successes and commiserate with you over your setbacks. But membership in a community places certain obligations on you as well. First, you […]

The privilege of educating

The combination of graduation and spring seems appropriate, blooming flowers and all. We are some weeks off from our own graduating trainees finishing but the invitations to celebrate are starting to pop up just like the green shoots in our gardens. The residents’ graduation in early June promises to be just as heartfelt and fun […]

Building a stronger organization together

Without translation, bench science is just knowledge. Similarly, soliciting feedback without application risks alienating your data source. Why respond to a survey if your answers just get filed in a drawer? It was with this belief and a respect for our members’ time in mind that we decided not to let last year’s Employee Engagement […]

A celebration of women

On Wednesday, the University of Iowa held its annual Celebration of Excellence and Achievement Among Women. In addition to scholarships to deserving undergraduate and graduate women, for nearly thirty years they have also given achievement awards to a woman faculty and a woman staff member. In recent years, Dr. Peggy Nopoulous, Chair of the Department […]

The education thread

One week later, and I am still thrilled by what an excellent Residency Match Day our department and the Carver College of Medicine had. After the outright cancellation of festivities in 2020 and the limited return of some traditions in 2021—aided by good weather—it was a wonderful feeling to see so many expectant medical school […]

Investing in our future leaders

Last week I had the good fortune to attend the meeting of the Association of Professors of Medicine (APM), sponsored by the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine. As nice as it was to catch up briefly with Dr. Abel and—for those of you who have been here for a few years—with Dr. Rosenthal, the true […]

Your feedback answered

It would be nice if recent events were not so eventful and that we could talk about other things, but you must play the cards in front of you. I am grateful for your attention to this forum to help respond to and hopefully allay concerns. So let’s address the biggest change in leadership since […]

Growing the pie

Ten years ago, the ambulatory clinics at Iowa River Landing in Coralville opened their doors. We established a major footprint off-campus, increasing patient convenience and volume, and expanded the services we could offer. Now that we are bumping our heads against the ceiling of IRL, we have turned our sights toward North Liberty and an […]

One constant at Iowa

“Frequency illusion” or “frequency bias” is the cognitive effect of noticing something once, seeing it again soon after, and believing those occurrences are increasing. You experience this effect when you buy a new car and suddenly it seems like that exact make and model is all around you on the road. Or someone uses a […]

Resilience and excellence

Here it is, my first “Views from the Chair,” a forum that just like you I have appreciated for its reliable candor, as much as its information, these last six years. I had hoped for a quieter, less urgent tone in this transition as its new author, but it seems the omicron variant had other […]