Despite challenges, breakthroughs continue

This has been a clinically challenging year, but faculty and providers throughout University of Iowa Health Care have demonstrated an imagination for devising solutions and for collaborating in new ways on their implementation. Many of the innovations have been in response to one of the greatest threats to our community’s and our planet’s health and […]

Diversity in our ranks

Over the past week and for the next couple weeks, we will be introducing you to the faculty who have joined us in 2020. Some of these new members just joined us at the turn of the new academic year, others have been with us a little longer. Some are returning to academic medicine; others […]

Our trainees’ promise

This afternoon, our incoming medical students will participate in an honorable tradition at the Carver College of Medicine, the White Coat Ceremony. At that link you can learn the history behind the event as well as learn details about who will recite the Oath of Hippocrates today. Welcome, first-years! You are entering medicine at a […]

Many communities, one commitment

Each year during the month of July, we close our financial books for the prior fiscal year (FY) ending in June and we execute our budget plans for the new FY. As you all know, this has been a challenging year financially for the department given our dramatic fall in clinical revenue during the months […]

Meaningful success

Though the issue may not be grabbing headlines the way it did a few weeks ago, make no mistake that our efforts within the institution to correct systemic injustices continue. In meetings and in conversations across all levels—faculty, students, trainees, and leadership—there is growing recognition of the challenges faced by faculty, trainees, and students of […]

Education and Independence

Happy July Fourth, a day early. Tomorrow marks 244 years since 56 men dipped a sharpened quill in ink and signed the Declaration of Independence, risking their lives to resist the largest empire in the world at the time. Although many have recognized and commented on flaws that accompanied the courage of the signers, their […]

Juneteenth, Today and Tomorrow

Today is Juneteenth, which commemorates the final emancipation of enslaved Black people in the United States in 1865. Learn more about the importance of this date. Slavery was abolished in Jamaica, the land of my birth, in 1834. My maternal grandparents, Phillip Baker and Ina (Lillian) Haynes, were both born in 1909, and my paternal […]

Tribute to our Hospitalists

When I decided to focus on this topic, top of mind was a desire to talk about the significant contribution of our entire inpatient service to the care of hundreds each day. Our focus on the COVID-19 pandemic and our spectacular response moved me to note the ongoing heavy lift of our faculty and trainees […]

Our responsibility in the present moment

Colleagues: Events of the past week have no doubt produced a variety of emotions in each of us. The video of the events leading to George Floyd’s death shocked many, but reinforced for others their regular experience that inter-racial animus is a present reality for many, with lethal consequences for some. Demonstrations in cities near […]

Honoring and celebrating our learners

Many things feel simultaneously familiar and foreign these days. The middle of May kicks off our annual graduation season, and although we have had to replace processionals across a stage with drive-through diploma pick-ups and celebratory banquets with Zoom links, that strong feeling of pride and excitement for our graduates cannot be suppressed. This year’s […]