Coronavirus Resources for UI Health Care Employees

The safety of our patients, faculty, staff, and volunteers is a top priority for University of Iowa Health Care. This page will continue to have up-to-date information and resources for health care employees regarding our preparation and response to COVID-19. Conorovirus Reources for UI Health Care Employees

Reflections on leadership

As many of us reflect on the significance of the present moment and the events of the past few weeks, I have been moved to think about courage and leadership and what that means for all of us. Many ask the question, what are the fundamental qualities of a good leader? Words such as honesty, […]

Goto receives K08 to develop a “smart antibiogram”

Bacterial infections that develop resistance to drugs affect at least 2.8 million Americans each year. Gram-negative rod (GNR) infections especially have high and emerging resistance rates and pose a large threat, considering the lack of new antimicrobial medicine. GNR pathogens can cause a wide variety of infections, such as urinary tract infections, pneumonia, or intraabdominal […]

Online presentation: IBD Therapy Update: Biologics & Beyond – January 14, 2021

Internal Medicine’s Virtual Grand Rounds presentation for Thursday, January 14, 2021, will be: IBD Therapy Update: Biologics & Beyond12:00-1:00pmThursday, January 14, 2021 Steven Polyak, MD, Clinical Associate Professor, Division of Gastroenterology & Hepatology Jennifer Fever, PharmD, Ambulatory Care Pharmacy, UIHC Click this link on Thursday just before noon to join the presentation: This Grand Rounds […]

Kobayashi finds, treats extremely rare fungal infection

Fungal periprosthetic joint infections (PJI) are essentially unheard of, contributing to only 1% of PJIs. Because they are so rare, fungal PJIs can be hard to identify and treat, leaving physicians without answers for their patients. However, fungal PJI is associated with significant cost and morbidity, especially among immunocompromised patients. Takaaki Kobayashi, MD, third-year fellow in […]

Wei receives $2.3M R01

Shunguang Wei, PhD, assistant professor in Cardiovascular Medicine, received a four-year, $2.3M R01 grant from the NIH’s National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). Wei’s project will investigate the role of cytokine interleukin (IL-17A) in brain inflammation and sympathetic nervous system activation in a rat model of heart failure-induced by myocardial infarction. IL-17A is an […]

Exposure to Common Geographic COVID-19 Prevalence Maps and Public Knowledge, Risk Perceptions, and Behavioral Intentions

Article: Exposure to Common Geographic COVID-19 Prevalence Maps and Public Knowledge, Risk Perceptions, and Behavioral Intentions Authors: Alistair Thorpe, Aaron M Scherer, Paul K J Han, Nicole Burpo, Victoria Shaffer, Laura Scherer, Angela Fagerlin Journal: JAMA Netw Open. 2021 Jan 4;4(1):e2033538 Excerpt:Several organizations have produced maps showing the prevalence of confirmed coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) […]

2021 Research Seminar Series Schedule Announced

The Internal Medicine Research Seminar Series, enters its fifth year providing a unique forum to showcase the broad array of discovery being conducted within the department, as well as invited presenters from across the country. The typical format is comprised of two presenters who will each describe their individual work for 20 minutes and reserve […]

Manuscript Tips: the Discussion

The following is the next installment in a series on writing for publication from Kris Greiner, editor in the Design Center. Explore her suite of editing services. As perhaps the most important section of a manuscript—whether a case report, bench-side experiment, or a comprehensive meta-analysis—the discussion section generally requires the most time and effort. Although a discussion of your […]

Online presentation: Update on COVID-19 vaccination – January 7, 2021

UPDATE: Thursday’s presentation is available for viewing. Internal Medicine’s Virtual Grand Rounds presentation for Thursday, January 7, 2021, will be: Update on COVID-19 vaccination12:00-1:00pmThursday, January 7, 2021 Patricia Winokur, MD Executive Dean, Carver College of Medicine, Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases Mary Beth Fasano, MD, MSPH, Clinical Professor, Division of Immunology Jorge Salinas, MD, Hospital […]