Tanaka to focus on evaluating liver transplant disparities

Not every research question can be solved with a randomized control trial (RCT), which is held as the gold standard for producing the most valid and reliable results. But there are often ethical considerations or consequences that prevent their use. Researchers must instead construct other methods that can approximate an RCT. Organ transplant policies, particularly […]

Dokun, national panel update diabetes care recommendations for US Congress

In January, the National Clinical Care Commission (NCCC), a panel funded by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) completed its three-year mission and submitted a report updating recommendations on the care of diabetes-related complex metabolic and autoimmune diseases to the US Secretary of HHS and the US Congress. Ayotunde Dokun, MD, […]

Juneteenth, Today and Tomorrow

Today is Juneteenth, which commemorates the final emancipation of enslaved Black people in the United States in 1865. Learn more about the importance of this date. Slavery was abolished in Jamaica, the land of my birth, in 1834. My maternal grandparents, Phillip Baker and Ina (Lillian) Haynes, were both born in 1909, and my paternal […]

Our imperative to address health care disparities

We are data-driven. Although data will provide an accurate picture of a situation, it is empathy that motivates us to act on it. This week, the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) began to report demographic breakdowns on which Iowans are being most affected by COVID-19. As has been reported for other parts of the […]