OSCE adapts to COVID-19 necessities

Last year, the third year for the Intern Objective Structured Clinical Evaluations (OSCE) was the most successful yet. Organizers Manish Suneja, MD, and Jane Rowat, MS, had received the stamp of peer review and had expanded to include interns from two other residency programs (Anesthesia and Family Medicine) within University of Iowa Health Care for evaluation. But just […]

Suneja and Rowat, CarlLee Awarded Innovation Funds

Internal Medicine Residency Program Director Dr. Manish Suneja, Educational Director Jane Rowat, and Chief Resident Dr. Sheena CarlLee have received funding for new education-related projects from the Graduate Medical Education Innovation Fund Committee. Dr. Suneja and Ms. Rowat’s proposal “Interdisciplinary Intern EPA-based OSCE with Automated Just-in-Time Feedback” will further refine the Objective Structured Clinical Examinations, […]

Objective Structured Clinical Examinations

Innovation in education can take a lot of different forms, but even the way in which an educator learns what needs to be taught can be revolutionary. Last week, Education Development Director Jane Rowat and Dr. Manish Suneja, Internal Medicine Residency Program Director, guided the evaluation of the new class of interns joining the department […]

Fifty Years of Celebrating Internal Medicine Research

We are looking forward with excitement to our upcoming annual Research Day on March 2. For fifty years, the Department of Internal Medicine has invited junior faculty, fellows, and students to share the results of their research. This forum has provided feedback, fostered collaboration, and even promoted healthy competition between colleagues. We encourage you to […]