Carvour launches health equity projects with P3 funds

Martha Carvour, MD, PhD, has received a three-year, $758K grant from the University of Iowa’s Strategic Initiatives Fund (UISIF) to begin a series of campus- and community-wide projects aimed at improving equity in health science and practice (E-HSP). Funds in the UISIF are generated from the public-private partnership Iowa established in 2019 and are to […]

Protecting Iowa’s vulnerable farmworkers expands to include vaccinations

While COVID-19 vaccinations are well underway in Iowa, Claudia Corwin, MD, MPH, assistant professor in Pulmonary, Critical Care and Occupational Medicine, and associate medical director of University of Iowa Health Care’s Employee Health Clinic, has been working to help ensure one critical sector of the population is not overlooked — Iowa’s migrant and seasonal agricultural […]

Iowa researchers identify commonalities among effective rapid response teams

Rapid response teams (RRTs) are highly specialized hospital emergency teams that treat patients who develop a sudden worsening of their clinical condition, which if not treated can be life-threatening. However, prior studies of the effectiveness of RRTs have shown varied results, leading some to suggest these teams are irrelevant, while others have argued they are […]