The ecology of program director leadership: power relationships and characteristics of effective program directors

Article: The ecology of program director leadership: power relationships and characteristics of effective program directors Authors: Bharat Kumar, Melissa L. Swee, & Manish Suneja Journal: BMC Med Educ. 2019 Nov 21;19(1):436 Abstract: BACKGROUND: Program directors are often perceived as strong and independent leaders within the academic medical environment. However, they are not as omnipotent as […]

Residency committees create continuous improvement

For more than 80 years, the Internal Medicine Residency Program has focused on equipping residents with the skills and experiences they need to succeed as physicians. As part of the ongoing drive for excellence, the residency program directed by Manish Suneja, MD, has resident-led committees to provide avenues for feedback and improvement. Committees such as […]

Suneja named Vice Chair for Education

I am pleased to announce that Manish Suneja, MD, has accepted the role of Vice Chair for Education within the Department of Internal Medicine. Dr. Suneja is and will remain the Program Director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program, a program which he has led since 2014. Under his direction the program has achieved national […]

Suneja Wins President & Provost Award for Teaching Excellence

Manish Suneja, MD, Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine, will receive the 2018 President & Provost Award for Teaching Excellence. This award is the highest recognition awarded at the University of Iowa, only given to the most outstanding faculty each year. Dr. Suneja has directed the Internal Medicine Residency Program since 2014, and was Associate Program […]

Suneja and Rowat, CarlLee Awarded Innovation Funds

Internal Medicine Residency Program Director Dr. Manish Suneja, Educational Director Jane Rowat, and Chief Resident Dr. Sheena CarlLee have received funding for new education-related projects from the Graduate Medical Education Innovation Fund Committee. Dr. Suneja and Ms. Rowat’s proposal “Interdisciplinary Intern EPA-based OSCE with Automated Just-in-Time Feedback” will further refine the Objective Structured Clinical Examinations, […]

UI Team Awarded Gold Foundation Grant

A team of UI researchers will partner with investigators from Kentucky and Indiana to perform a comprehensive literature review on humanistic leadership training in graduate medical education. Drs. Bharat Kumar, Manish Suneja, and Jeffrey Pettit will partner with Dr. David Rudy, University of Kentucky College of Medicine, and Amy Blevins, Indiana University Medical Library. Heather […]

Objective Structured Clinical Examinations

Innovation in education can take a lot of different forms, but even the way in which an educator learns what needs to be taught can be revolutionary. Last week, Education Development Director Jane Rowat and Dr. Manish Suneja, Internal Medicine Residency Program Director, guided the evaluation of the new class of interns joining the department […]

ACP Iowa Chapter 2016 Awards

Last month the Iowa Chapter of the American College of Physicians (ACP) held its annual meeting, coinciding with the CME conference Progress and the University of Iowa’s Homecoming. Besides giving the ACP members a chance to reconnect and share ideas, it was also a chance to recognize excellence among its members. The Laureate Award is […]

Suneja Wins 2016 ACP Laureate Award

Since 1987, the Laureate Awards have been given annually by the Iowa Chapter of the American College of Physicians (ACP), the second largest medical specialty organization. The ACP strives to be the recognized leader in quality patient care, advocacy, medical education, and enhancing career satisfaction for internal medicine and its subspecialties. The Laureate Award recognizes […]

Highlights from the 2016 Chief Residents Grand Rounds & Residency Awards

Each year, the Department sets aside one of its final Grand Rounds of the academic year to highlight the exceptional work performed by our Residents and Chief Residents. This year, awards selected by the residents themselves were presented by Residency Director Dr. Manish Suneja, small tokens of appreciation were presented to each Chief Resident by […]