Mokadem lab member receives summer fellowship

Benjamin Linden, a second-year medical student working in the lab of Mohamad Mokadem, MD, received funding for a twelve-week Summer Research Fellowship from the UI Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine. As a fellow in one of the many opportunities within the Iowa Medical Student Research Program, Linden is researching the effects of the endogenous endocannabinoid system […]

Becker receives G.E.R.M. grant

Greta Becker, a second-year medical student, received a Grants for Emerging Researcher/Clinical Mentorship (G.E.R.M.) from the Infectious Diseases Society of America Foundation (IDSA) and the HIV Medicine Association. Under the supervision of Robert Blount, MD, assistant professor in Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Occupational Medicine, Becker will use the funds from this grant to examine the […]

Seven Internal Medicine members nominated for inaugural teaching award

The Carver College of Medicine announced nominees and winners for their new Excellence in Clinical Teaching Awards, and seven of the 28 nominees are members of Internal Medicine training programs. Named by medical students, peer residents, peer fellows and faculty, these nominations represent the dynamic and skilled approach to clinical teaching, a deep appreciation for […]

M3 processes pandemic feelings through art

Medical students in the Carver College of Medicine have a unique perspective on the current pandemic. Participants in the Sub-Internship in Internal Medicine course last month were given the opportunity to reflect on their thoughts and feelings about COVID-19 and express them in whatever form they chose. This idea arose from a conversation between Sub-Internship […]

The doctor is in . . . the news

For college students, general health and wellbeing tends to take the backseat. Between juggling academia, work, and extracurriculars, keeping health and safety in mind can be a real challenge. This past year, medical student Pavane Gorrepati has reminded students to set health as a priority with a column, The Doctor Is In, which she coordinates […]