PREP@Iowa offers research mentorship, career boost

Luis Miguel Garcia Pena says that even though he had experience working in a genetics laboratory as an undergraduate and doing epidemiological and clinical research for Harvard’s school of public health, his “bench skill set was limited.” Before applying to graduate schools, he began looking for research opportunities on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) […]

Meaningful success

Though the issue may not be grabbing headlines the way it did a few weeks ago, make no mistake that our efforts within the institution to correct systemic injustices continue. In meetings and in conversations across all levels—faculty, students, trainees, and leadership—there is growing recognition of the challenges faced by faculty, trainees, and students of […]

Pereira investigates brown fat cell role in combating obesity

Obesity and obesity-related diabetes and heart disease affect nearly half of adults in the United States. One potential solution to alleviate its prevalence may lie in finding ways to increase metabolism. With a five-year $1.93M R01, Renata Pereira, PhD, research assistant professor in Endocrinology and Metabolism, and a team of researchers plan to investigate methods […]