Broad scope of department research presented to residents

Although residency is an intense period of heavy clinical responsibilities, every nationally certified program must also provide opportunities for trainees to get a taste for academic medical research. At Iowa, research is not an afterthought to be wedged in or a box to be checked. From their intern year, residents are encouraged to begin thinking […]

Demystifying scholarship for residents

In an effort to help residents get a better idea of the department’s research scope and who they might want to work with, last year, Associate Director of the Residency Program Brian Gehlbach, MD, organized a “speed-dating” session during the residents’ noon conference with the aid of that year’s Chief Resident Dr. Josiah Zubairu. Over […]

Residents Get Overview of Internal Medicine Research

“You already know how to do the hardest part of research,” Dr. Joseph Zabner told the room of Internal Medicine Residents during noon conference earlier this week. The Director of the Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Occupational Medicine explained that the ingenuity that underlies a good testable hypothesis is what is most difficult to […]