Kumar highlights role of hyper-SUMOylation in vascular endothelial function impairment

Small ubiquitin-like modifier (SUMO) proteins are a family of small proteins that modify the function of other proteins in cells. SUMOylation refers to posttranslational modifications by these proteins. Previous studies have revealed excessive SUMOylation can cause dysfunction in the endothelium lining of the heart and heart vessels, causing stroke, sudden cardiac death and other vascular […]

Two Publications Identify “Longevity” Enzyme Interactions

For the last couple decades, a particular enzyme has been the focus of intense study. Sirtuin1 was found to be a key protein affecting the longevity of some organisms such as yeast. Decrease in caloric intake, which could lengthen cell life, became ineffective in the absence of sirtuin1. At the time of its discovery it […]