August 2021 – Rachel Butler

With long nights, early mornings, and weekend shifts, medical fellowships require a lot of time commitment; it can be challenging to balance personal and professional responsibilities as many fellows start families, pursue additional degrees, dive deeply into new subspecialties, or even adopt pets. When Rachel Butler, MD, clinical assistant professor in Pulmonary, Critical Care, and […]

June 2021 – Henning Gerke

Before his days in medicine, Henning Gerke, MD, clinical professor in Gastroenterology and Hepatology, would spend hours digging around in the garden, making compost, and planting potatoes. As a young man, he enjoyed gardening and was fascinated by the botanical life cycle. Gerke’s interest in biology was always present, but he was more interested in […]

May 2021 – Alpana Garg

For Alpana Garg, MD, clinical assistant professor in General Internal Medicine, it all began with a medical school graduation announcement. As a high school student living in Chandigarh, India, Garg saw the photo of the Government Medical College’s graduating class in the newspaper every year. As she began to consider her own career options, she […]

February 2021 – Justin Smock

After four years of undergraduate study at Northwestern University, Justin Smock, MD, was all packed and ready to head north. He had plans to attend medical school in Wisconsin, but a day before he was supposed to drive to Milwaukee and eight days before the program was supposed to start, he got the call. He […]

August 2020 – Eri Shinozaki

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Eri Shinozaki, MD, clinical assistant professor in General Internal Medicine and hospitalist, had never associated fear with her workplace, but returning to work summoned a new level of anxiety. Additionally, Shinozaki, who already juggled duties as a physician, mother, and wife, had to add homeschool teacher to these daily tasks. Now, […]

April 2020 – Prerna Kumar

Until our social-distancing era began, after a long day of being in the clinic or on rounds, transplant nephrology fellow Prerna Kumar, MBBS, always attended a 5:30 kickboxing class, whether she was feeling drained or motivated. Even if she worked late, she hustled to make the 6:30 class instead. Though Kumar only began kickboxing this past […]

March 2020 – Amy Gingerich

Fellowship coordinators are critical not just to our clinical care mission, but also our education mission. Amy Gingerich is the administrative services coordinator for the Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship. When Gingerich started in the role eight years ago she was “the heart and soul” of the program, Division Director Joseph Zabner, MD, PhD, said. […]

February 2020 – Jorge Salinas

Before moving to Iowa, Jorge L. Salinas, MD, worked for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), traveling the world in their Epidemic Intelligence Service. As an officer in the CDC, Salinas combatted outbreaks of tuberculosis, Zika virus, and yellow fever in the United States, Brazil, Columbia, Angola, Kenya, and more. However, in 2018, […]

January 2020 – Yazan Hasan

Yazan Hasan, MBBS, has worn a lot of hats in his nearly ten years at the University of Iowa. A resident, a Chief Resident, a hospitalist, and now Hasan is in his second year as a fellow in the Gastroenterology Fellowship. Each role has helped him develop his skills as an internist, his ultimate goal. […]

November 2019 – Rajeshwari Nair

Rajeshwari Nair, MBBS, PhD, understands that the bigger picture is made up of many details and that effective solutions require a grasp of both the bird’s-eye-view as well as the one through a microscope. As an Associate in the Division of General Internal Medicine, Nair works closely with a number of other investigators blending those […]