Telehospitalists address rural hospital staffing shortages

In the past year, e-consults, virtual diagnosis, and virtual postoperative care have become the new normal. By limiting in-person exposure to COVID-19, telemedicine offers a safe way to deliver care for both patients and medical providers. Although the end of the pandemic is in sight, a recent publication found that telemedicine is a cost-effective and […]

Hospitalists reflect on our response to COVID-19

We reached out to Andrew Bryant, MD; Jeydith Gutierrez Perez, MD; and Bradley Manning, MD, to offer their perspective on what they witnessed during the initial planning and response to COVID-19 within University of Iowa Health Care. Their responses have been lightly edited. What changes did you notice in that period of late March and […]

Evaluating “virtual visit” effectiveness

Working on the front line of COVID-19 treatment, health care workers are at increased risk for contracting the virus. And providers treating the head and neck are at an even greater risk of exposure to saliva, mucus, and other fluids that hold a high concentration of the virus. To protect these workers, non-essential patient care […]

TelePrEP Receives $2M CDC Grant

“Getting preventive medicine of any kind should not be a burden to anyone,” Dr. Michael Ohl, Associate Professor in Infectious Diseases, said. For about a year and a half, the TelePrEP program Dr. Ohl directs has steadily worked to reduce the barriers between individuals at risk of HIV infection and a drug that dramatically reduces […]

Virtual Hospitalists Get Governor’s Attention

The Virtual Hospitalist Program is finishing the year as strong as it began, with a visit from Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds a few weeks ago, according to this report from KTVO. The Virtual Hospitalist Program, a telemedicine collaboration involving Internal Medicine’s Hospitalists, The Signal Center for Health Innovation, and Van Buren County Hospital, was launched […]

Solimeo Receives VA Rural Health Grant

Dr. Samantha Solimeo, Assistant Professor of General Internal Medicine, has received a $113,000 grant from the VA Office of Rural Health to study through the end of September 2018 the possibility of providing osteoporosis care to veterans via telehealth. Dr. Solimeo is the Director of the Ethnographic Methods and Implementation Core within CADRE, a VA Center […]

UIHC’s Travel Medicine Clinic Prepares Decades’ Worth of Travelers

Preparing for travel of any kind can always bring a headache. You have to make sure the necessary charging cables are packed, figure out which clothes you need to wear, double-check your reservations. And with enough planning on your own, you can foresee most of what needs to be resolved ahead of time to ensure […]