Strong mentoring nets Rytlewski pair of pubs, career guidance

With a median overall survival rate of one year, metastatic sarcomas pose a substantial threat to patient wellbeing. Although current treatment plans include traditional therapies, such as radiation and chemotherapy, sarcomas’ multiple subtypes require more specific treatment. Third-year resident Jeff Rytlewski, MD, is first author on two articles reviewing the barriers and prospects of sarcoma therapies. […]

Monga Research on Display

Dr. Varun Monga, Clinical Assistant Professor of Hematology, Oncology, and Blood & Marrow Transplantation, presented at the Connective Tissue Oncology Society meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, last month. His poster details the results of a Phase I clinical trial combining an oncolytic herpes virus with radiation therapy in patients with localized sarcomas. This neoadjuvant approach, is […]