With gratitude, the future is bright

For many of us, this is a time of year to take stock of what has gone before and to reflect on what lies ahead. I hope that most of you have had the opportunity to spend quality time with your families and your loved ones during this year-end holiday season. I also want to […]

State of the Department, 2020

The following is an abridged and edited transcript of last week’s State of the Department address. To view the entire presentation, click here (hawkid login required). Good afternoon, everyone. It’s a real pleasure and honor to be delivering the State of the Department address. I look forward to this every year. This has been a […]

Our fellowship programs, our future in the making

After more than a decade of post-secondary education, fellowship training represents for most their final extended program of training before they launch their careers as a subspecialist. After the rigors and breadth of the years of residency training, fellows take a deep dive into their chosen field, to become skilled in providing advanced care across […]

Review of a momentous year by any measure

It seemed like much of our spare time in 2019 in Internal Medicine was devoted to self-assessment and review. These can be essential and worthwhile activities, without question. They confirmed our strengths, clarified opportunities, and collectively revealed paths we might not have considered otherwise. My profound gratitude goes out to all the administrative personnel, faculty, […]

A Year in Rearview

It was an honor to deliver my third annual State of the Department address last week. One hour is not nearly enough time to detail all the incredible activity that occurs over a twelve-month period in our department. In every component of our tripartite mission, the department ends 2018 on stronger footing than when the […]

Trainees and Graduates to Be Proud Of

The day before I delivered last week’s annual State of the Department address, we received some terrific news about our graduating residents, which I shared briefly during the presentation. We learned that every third-year resident who chose to pursue a fellowship next year matched into their first or second choice program. In previous years our […]

Past Success, Future Promise

The working group led by Dr. Isabella Grumbach that is focusing on recalibrating our research mission is proceeding well. The committee members have reached out to many of you, and your feedback will importantly influence the changes and new initiatives that the Department will make and roll out in the new year. One outcome of […]