GI Fellows Graduation, Recognition, and Farewell

Last Sunday evening, the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology said good-bye to four of its fellows who have come to the end of their terms. Drs. Sarah Hossain, Ye-Jin Lee, Vijay Pottathil, and Huy Tran have worked tirelessly and with distinction in their three years with us. We have been lucky to have Dr. Lee and Dr. Pottathil with us since their days as residents. We are even luckier that Dr. Tran will remain with us at the University of Iowa as a hepatologist in the Clifton Center for Digestive Diseases.

Special thanks were extended from the fellows to Dr. Adrian Holm, the Fellowship Program Director, in the form of an Outstanding Teaching Award. This award was named for a pioneering educator and gastroenterologist, the late Dr. Robert Summers.

We applaud Division Director Dr. David Elliott, Dr. Holm, Assistant Program Director Dr. Mariam Naveed, and the rest of the division’s administration for taking the time to recognize the outstanding achievements of these four graduates moments before they launch into their careers. Best of luck in your next endeavors.

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