The Last Science Thursday of 2016

All summer long and well into this fall, the medical campus has hosted various mixes of food trucks, science demonstrations and experiments, face-painting, yoga classes, and, of course, live music. In the courtyard between MERF, BSB, and EMRB, students, faculty and staff could enjoy a lunch of street tacos, jerk chicken, or pulled pork and soak up some sun for a couple hours each week.

This Thursday, October 20, was the last Science Thursday of the season. It was only fitting then that this week’s musical accompaniment came from the only band that never has to ask if there is a doctor in the house, The Recliners. This band is made up of ARNP Ann Aschoff, Dr. Paul McCray, Dr. John Kramer, Woody Sims, Kevin Hanick, and Internal Medicine’s own Dr. Jack Stapleton on guitar.

While there is every indication Science Thursdays will be back next spring, that feels like a long way away from now. We hope you got a chance to try the banh mi.

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