Zabner Inducted to ACCA

At the recent meeting of the American Clinical and Climatological Association (ACCA) in Hot Springs, Virginia, Dr. Joseph Zabner, Director of the Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Occupational Medicine, was inducted as one of its newest members. The ACCA has existed since 1884 and was first organized by physicians and scientists to combat tuberculosis. This 250-member-body’s interests have since expanded to include epidemiology, preventive, and environmental medicine, including the impact global climate change has on human health and the spread of disease.

Members are chosen, in the ACCA’s words, “on the basis of their leadership, their excellence in their chosen field, their demonstrated high level of integrity and professionalism, and their yearning to nurture a spirit of warmth, diversity, and friendship.” It is fitting based on these criteria that Dr. Zabner has been selected to join this august and select group, which already included Drs. Paul Rothman, Peter Densen, and Jack Stapleton. Congratulations, Dr. Zabner!

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