Kuppachi to Direct MOHD 1

Dr. Sarat Kuppachi has been selected as the new course co-director for Mechanisms of Health and Disease (MOHD) 1: Human Genetics and Energy, taking over for Dr. Brian Gehlbach. This course, one of four mechanisms courses in the strand, covers oxygenation, metabolism, and genetics and neoplasia. Dr. Kuppachi joined the Division of Nephrology from the Medical University of South Carolina in 2011. In the years since he has distinguished himself in his dedication to the education mission.

Dr. George Bergus, one of the members of the selection committee and an MOHD strand director, welcomes Dr. Kuppachi to the team. “We are excited that he is bringing the knowledge and skills he acquired in the Teaching Scholars Program to his new position.” Dr. Gehlbach, who is stepping down as course director, agrees on Dr. Kuppachi’s worthiness: “He will be great at it.” Congratulations, Dr. Kuppachi!

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