Internal Medicine Research Seminar Series

The Department of Internal Medicine is pleased to announce the creation of a new venue for advancing our research mission and to invite you to its inaugural session. The Research Seminar Series will meet on the first Tuesday of every month (except July) and offer scientists the opportunity to present their latest discoveries to a diverse audience. During each hour two scientists will present their work in 15 to 20 minutes, after which they will be able to field questions or receive feedback from the attendees.

In this way, the Department hopes to showcase the cutting-edge work being performed by our researchers and to allow those researchers the opportunity to see their work through an outsider’s eyes. By opening themselves up to feedback and critique, these researchers could potentially uncover solutions to puzzling impasses or make connections with collaborators who can open new doors for discovery for themselves as well.

We hope you will join us for each installment of the Research Seminar Series, which meets at 4:30 in the HP Smith Conference Room (W256 GH) the first Tuesday of every month. The full schedule of presenters through December is below, but we intend to send reminders with more detail before each event.

March 7: Kin Fai Au, Nedim Ince
April 4: Chad Grueter, Alejandro Comellas
May 2: Rebecca Dodd, Mahmoud Abou Alaiwa
June 6: Michael Eberlein, Sanjana Dayal
August 1: Anil Chauhan, Ryan Boudreau
September 5: Ferhaan Ahmad, Paloma Giangrande
October 3: John Colgan, Marin Schweizer
November 7: Chris Adams, Loreen Herwaldt
December 5: Chris Benson, Michi Goto


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  1. […] One of the latest enhancements to our research mission will begin next week, when the first installment of our Research Seminar Series takes place. I believe that this venue represents an important platform to increase the exposure of the innovative research taking place within our department. I also expect to leverage these meetings to increase collaboration across divisions within the department, and with other departments in the College. We would all agree that many of the most significant research breakthroughs come from interdisciplinary teams, such as those in the Pappajohn Biomedical Institute. To create the opportunity for sharing ideas, we are limiting the presentations in the Research Seminar Series to just twenty minutes, reserving at least ten minutes at the end for audience questions. I encourage you to come prepared to engage with the ideas presented and to actively explore opportunities to build collaborations. We hope to see you there on the first Tuesday of every month at 4:30 p.m. For more information and a schedule of this year’s presenters, please read this post. […]

  2. […] Since it first began about a year ago, the Department of Internal Medicine’s Research Seminar Series has hosted a variety of presentations from a broad spectrum of investigators. Pulmonologists, health services researchers, cardiologists, basic scientists, endocrinologists, and oncologists all presented an overview of a recent discovery or the current state of their research to a diverse audience. […]

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