6RC Excels During High Census

The University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics places a priority on providing exceptional care to every patient who comes through our doors. And because we provide some of the best, most complicated health care in the state, that adds up to very few empty beds. Some weeks are even busier than others.

During the week of February 14 to February 20, our General Internal Medicine Hospitalist teams managed, during a particularly busy time with 20 more patients daily than usual, to exceed already high expectations. Though an innovative program called Early Discharge Intervention on the Carvers (EDIC) aiming to discharge patients ready to go home as early in the day as possible, providers on the sixth floor of Roy Carver (6RC), this team produced some remarkable results. Here’s their report:

Our team discharged 57 patients with an average discharge time of 1:43 pm (13 more patients and an average 41 minutes earlier than EDIC average). For example, on February 14, with Team D1 at 20 and Team D2 at 24, Drs. Agnes Obita, Sarfraz Nawaz, Urooj Fatima, and Manju Jayanna helped with 11 gen med patients along with the gen med team of Drs. Yazan Hasan and Prerna Kumar and APP Susan Shea. APPs Julia Freel, Aimee Foster, Jenna Nielsen, Jamie Hada, Shelly McGurk, and Kevin McGrane helped patients on hem/onc, cardiology, and observation teams. There were 11 D1/D2 discharges that day, with an average discharge time of 12:20 pm. The weekly total of 57 discharges beat the EDIC average of 42 discharges, and well surpassed the baseline of 34 discharges.

The EDIC continues to demonstrate that our institution’s providers—by working together—can meet the full range of our patients’ needs, including helping them leave when they are ready to go. Great work!

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