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  1. […] Today is a day that many among us, young or old, easily recall. It is one that as educators we share with our students in their excitement and anticipation, as their years of hard work reveal the next big step in their medical careers. It is also one that the Department watches carefully to learn who will compose our next class of residents. The Carver College of Medicine has been covering the build-up to today’s announcement all week on social media under the hashtag #UIMatchDay, and we encourage you all to follow along and participate. Congratulations to our M4 class. Our Department also had another really successful match this year. We are very excited with the match results and look forward to this diverse group of talented physicians to join our Internal Medicine family. The intern class of 2017 will be represented by students from 23 different institutions and 17 states across the country. Of the 33 first-year positions open for the 2017 match, 23 are categorical Internal Medicine, 2 are Medicine/Psychiatry, 5 are Internal Medicine/Ophthalmology prelims, and 3 are Internal Medicine prelims. We extend a warm Hawkeye welcome to our new Internal Medicine Residents, and a heartfelt congratulations to the Education team for successfully recruiting such an accomplished class! […]

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