The New Resident Lounge

The long hours required during residency can only be tougher to bear when dealing with some basic logistical questions. In some programs, finding a quiet space to record dictation, to write evaluations, or even a fridge to trust with your lunch can be a challenge.

The Department and Residency Program leadership took these and many other factors into consideration when they designed a new space in MRC 329 that the residents could call their own. Some of the features include badge-only access, comfortable couches and mod captain’s chairs near freestanding charging posts, a separate dictation room, a fully functional kitchenette, and even a cable-connected TV for streaming some music or Netflix. (We’ll leave it up to them to negotiate between a Pandora station or old episodes of Parks & Rec.)

Residency Program Director Dr. Manish Suneja, current Chief Resident Dr. Andy Johannes, and recently announced 2018-19 Chief Dr. Jennifer Langstengel were kind enough to give a short tour and even pose for a few scale-setting photographs. Discussions are still underway for what artwork will hang on the walls. Stop in and see what they settle on.

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