Highlights from the 28th Annual Iowa Rheumatology Symposium

This year’s Iowa Rheumatology Symposium held on May 19 offered updates on treatments and deeper analyses of perplexing conditions, fresh perspectives on common ones, and case studies of recent clinical discoveries. As always the day also offered plenty of opportunity for more than 60 attendees to interact with new contacts or reminisce with old ones.

After an introduction from course director Dr. Petar Lenart, the day got underway with the Robert F. Ashman Lecture delivered by guest Dr. Sterling West, Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado. Among other pearls, Dr. West provided recommendations for the administration of anticoagulants for individuals presenting with antiphospholipid antibodies. Dr. Karolyn Wanat, Assistant Professor of Dermatology, detailed some aids in identifying certain rheumatologic diseases on the skin. Dr. Scott Lieberman, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics – Rheumatology, provided new insights into Sjögren’s syndrome. And just before lunch, Dr. Lenert helped attendees see the difference between ulnar deviation and arthritis.

The afternoon began with the Paul Strottman Lecture from Dr. Janet Schlechte, Professor in the Division of Endocrinology, who tackled vexing questions on osteoporosis and discussed new options for treatment. Dr. West then returned to the stage to detail a variety of idiopathic inflammatory myopathies and to outline treatment plans depending on the individual’s clinical presentation. Second-year rheumatology fellow Dr. Taylor Doberstein reviewed recent research discoveries at the University of Iowa on immune check point inhibitors in cancer treatment. Dr. Dee Dee Stafford covered the potential for some instances of drug-induced arthritis, particularly from clopidogrel, in certain circumstances. The day closed with a series of case studies from first-year rheumatology fellows Drs. Bibi Ayesha, Sanjeev Patil, and Jimmy Varghese.

Congratulations to Dr. Lenert and the rest of his planning committee—Immunology Division Director Dr. Scott Vogelgesang, Associate Professor Dr. Rebecca Tuetken, and Dr. Stafford—on another successful event.

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