Allergy/Immunology and Rheumatology Fellows’ Welcome

The Division of Immunology welcomed three new members of their division last week with cupcakes, ice cream, and ice-breakers last week. Three new fellows in the Allergy/Immunology and Rheumatology Fellowship programs got the chance to introduce themselves and to meet their new colleagues in an informal setting.

First, about a dozen senior fellows and faculty members gathered in the Immunology conference room, including Division Director Dr. Scott Vogelgesang and fellowship directors Dr. Rebecca Tuetken and Dr. Mary Beth Fasano. After a trip through the toppings bar, Dr. Vogelgesang passed out conversation questions that dug a little more creatively, ranging from food preferences to favorite movie characters.

Then it was off to the Medicine Specialty Clinics so the fellows could meet the available medical assistants, nursing staff, and faculty currently staffing the clinics. The fellows and their new co-workers bonded over educational backgrounds and which cupcake flavors were the best. One more stop after that for the new Allergy/Immunology fellow in the pediatrics area to introduce herself and the tour was complete.

Welcome to our new Division of Immunology fellows!

Rheumatology                                     Allergy/Immunology
Dr. Priyanka Iyer                                 Dr. Javen Wunschel
Dr. Aneet Kaur

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