Hematology and Oncology Fellows’ Welcome Breakfast

Fresh-baked quiche, muffins, fresh fruit, and bracing coffee set the table as the Division of Hematology, Oncology, and Blood & Marrow Transplantation welcomed the four newest members of the fellowship program.

Many faculty members took up the invitation from Fellowship Directors Dr. Dan Berg and Dr. Usha Perepu invitation to sit and chat with the new fellows. Even those faculty members more pressed for time on a busy Monday morning still ducked in to the Hamilton Conference Room for a quick carb and a hello.

Those who could not make it will still have plenty of opportunity to get to know them in the coming weeks and months as they get acclimated to life as Hem/Onc fellows.

Welcome to the division and the department!

Dr. Isaac Chambers
Dr. Jad El Masri
Dr. Susan Slycord
Dr. Christopher Strouse

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