2017 Newly Promoted Professors

The first of two events recognizing the achievements of members of the Carver College of Medicine was held last week. On the seventh floor, in the Atrium, Vice President of Medical Affairs and Dean of the College Dr. Jean Robillard and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Development Dr. Lois Geist presented those faculty members who have been promoted this academic year from Associate Professor to Professor.

In opening remarks, Dean Robillard congratulated the newly promoted on their success, recognizing the hard work involved in achieving this pinnacle. But, he went on, the position also brings with it the responsibility to continue leading the institution and working to advance its animating missions.

Dr. Geist then introduced each of the record-setting (38!) class of promotions, gave a brief biography, and repeated a quotation pre-selected by the faculty member. Some chose sports figures, others poets, and one even chose rap artist Snoop Dogg describing his belief in the importance of feminism. Each new professor came forward to receive a flower, a piece of art, and to pose for a photograph with Dean Robillard and his or her Department Chair.

Many friends and family of the professors were also in attendance, happy to help celebrate this remarkable and well-deserved moment in their careers. On Friday, September 8, the College will recognize those faculty members promoted to Associate Professor.

Congratulations to the new Professors of Internal Medicine!

Petar Lenert, MD, PhD
Amal Shibli-Rahhal, MBBS
David Stoltz, MD, PhD
Judy Streit, MD
Christopher Benson, MD
Rebecca Hegeman, MD (not in attendance)
Roberto Kalil, MD (not in attendance)


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