UI Team Awarded Gold Foundation Grant

A team of UI researchers will partner with investigators from Kentucky and Indiana to perform a comprehensive literature review on humanistic leadership training in graduate medical education. Drs. Bharat Kumar, Manish Suneja, and Jeffrey Pettit will partner with Dr. David Rudy, University of Kentucky College of Medicine, and Amy Blevins, Indiana University Medical Library. Heather Healy, Clinical Education Librarian Specialist at the UI’s Hardin Library for the Health Sciences will round out the team.

This study is part of the Gold Foundation “Mapping the Landscape, Journeying Together” project, with a goal of creating a community to advance the field of humanism in health care. The project is comprised of 15 teams from 40 institutions. Individual literature review teams will study gaps in current knowledge about how a foundation in humanism can improve health care teaching, delivery and research. The UI team and their partner investigators will focus on leadership development programs during residency and fellowship training. Specifically, they will focus on how programs invest in and empower their trainees to become advocates for humanistic practice. Preliminary findings will be presented at the Gold Foundation’s Annual Symposium in May 2018, with the intention of publishing final results in a peer-reviewed journal. The intent of these findings is to guide the creation of new, more effective programs at the University of Iowa and throughout the nation.

Other “Mapping the Landscape” teams will focus on topics such as implicit bias in medicine, physician burnout and suicide, and informed patient consent. The overarching goal of the Gold Foundation is to advance the practice of compassionate, collaborative and scientifically excellent patient care, beginning with health care education and providing support to providers and researchers throughout their careers.

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