Administration Holiday Party, 12/4/17

Given the size of the Department of Internal Medicine and the scope of our work, one would think a small army of administrators was required to manage the scheduling, accounting, documenting, tracking, classifying, writing, coding, forecasting, supplying, designing, hiring, all and more to keep the operation’s gears oiled and turning. “Yet Internal Medicine is one of the leanest departments in the college,” Department Chair Dr. Dale Abel said on Monday. “I know some days you probably feel that leanness, but your ability to do more with less is a testament to your talent. It also allows us to grow in strategic ways.”

These remarks came midday on Monday, over hot cider and a small buffet, in the Seebohm Conference Room. The annual Administration Holiday Party gives division administrators, accounting team members, communications staff, vice chairs, and other administrative associates a chance to acknowledge and be acknowledged for all that they have done for the department this year.

Dr. Abel expressed his gratitude to those members of the administrative team, recognizing the key tasks each of them perform. He also shared his belief that the consistent greatness they achieve and support makes him proud and makes the department a model in the institution. He also offered his best wishes for the coming holidays. Attendees lingered after, sharing smiles and enjoying each other’s company, reminded that the work they would soon pick back up is valued.

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