Abel Previews Upcoming Presidential Lecture

On Sunday, February 18 at 3:30 p.m, Dr. Dale Abel will deliver the 35th Annual Presidential Lecture, “Overfeeding the Heart: Diabetes and Cardiovascular Complications.” (Details, including a brief biography of Dr. Abel, can be found on the university Events Calendar.)

Late last month, Dr. Abel answered a few questions about the upcoming lecture for Iowa Now, explaining the focus of the talk as well as providing some insight into how he came to be interested in this line of research. He also briefly took stock of his career and what has meant the most to him.

Dr. Abel has given one more preview, this time at the National Institutes of Health in Washington, DC, last week. Invited by the Director of the NIH to deliver the “Astute Clinician Lecture” as part of their Wednesday Afternoon Lecture Series, Dr. Abel presented on a topic similar to the one he will deliver in Iowa City in a few days. The lecture was broadcast live, but has now been made available.


Though the subject matter in the lecture this coming Sunday will touch on similar themes as the one above, Dr. Abel says that it will be geared toward the broader audience that attends the Presidential Lecture. If the reactions of those who watched last week are any indication, Sunday’s presentation should be one to attend.

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