Milhem Receives Humanism in Medicine Award

Mohammed Milhem, Clinical Professor in Hematology, Oncology, and Blood & Marrow Transplantation, has been awarded the Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award from the Arnold P. Gold Foundation. Since 1991, this annual award has gone to a graduating student and a faculty member who demonstrate excellence and compassion in their patient care. The graduating Carver College of Medicine student who will also receive the award this year is Aaron Lacy.

Dr. Milhem was nominated by an anonymous fourth-year medical student. “I cannot begin to count or reproduce the amount of praise” the writer hears from patients who are treated by Dr. Milhem. The writer goes on to recount Dr. Milhem’s “generosity, his caring nature, and his dedication” and recognizes the far reach of Dr. Milhem’s esteem. “He is known as one of the hardest working doctors in the hospital system.” Moreover, the writer concludes that Dr. Milhem’s reputation reflects just as well on those of his colleagues: “When patients speak highly of ‘The University of Iowa,’ and ‘how great everyone is here,’ it is without a doubt in no small part due to direct care from and the culture created by Dr. Milhem.”

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  1. Deanne Gummert

    I am the daughter of one of his current patients. He has been so kind & knowledgeable as he treats our mom. Blessed and grateful to have him (and his staff) on our side. Congratulations Dr. Mo!

  2. Nancy Colwell

    Congratulations Dr Mo! You are the best of the best! I’ve been with you for 9 years now and you are very kind and loving to all your patients. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t still be here if not for you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  3. Judy Swift

    Mo, you deserve all of these accolades and more. Your sacrifices bring our victories. Stay strong and keep working hard to fight the bad stuff.

  4. Gilles Cochet

    Félicitations mon ami, c’est une reconnaissance hautement méritée. Tu es bien plus qu’un docteur pour moi, et apparemment pour beaucoup d’autres aussi ! 😉

  5. Patricia Shaw

    I was fortunate to have experienced the compassionate and competent care of Dr. Mo when I had a melanoma on my foot. His genuine interest put me at ease and aided in my recovery.

  6. Joleen Stephenson

    Dr Mo, you deserves this and much more. As a patient of yours I am blessed to have you. I’m so glad my husband and I choose to go to UIHC. You are more than just a cancer Dr. you’re always searching for something better for treating patients, collaborating with you colleagues, and you compassion shows it. I trust you and I thank you.

  7. Amy

    I am one of his patients and could not agree more. A cancer diagnosis is terrifying and Dr. Mo made me feel better.

  8. Claire Barnhouse

    Dr. Mo is my doctor and has been for 4 years now. With being diagnosed in the quad cities with stage 3c melanoma i was referred here to see a surgeon first but he wanted me to se Mo the same day on a Friday in fact. What doctor gets you in on a friday at 2:00 just like that.. especially a specialist. Boy was I a lucky girl.. I know I would not be alive today if it wasn’t for Mo and his compassionate and caring personality.. I loved him from day 1.. He deserves this award and the University of Iowa is blessed to have him here. I wish all doctors could be like him.. He never fails you and always gives me a answer no matter how busy he is..
    I hope soon the Usniversity of Iowa expands there offices to the quad cities. We need help here with good doctors like him.. my hat goes off to you Mo my amazing doctor of science.

  9. Peggy Patters

    My whole-hearted congratulations on an award that is so well-deserved for a job well done….daily. Thank you for giving so much to make a difference for so many, Dr. Mo. Keep up the amazing work.

  10. Kay Hengelmann RN

    Congratulations!! I am not surprised that you received this award. I am so Happy to have been able to work with you. I have great memories from UIC Stem Cell Unit and always knew you would continue to make a difference for all the patients under your care. Mo Mo (your UIC name ), I wish you all the Best !!
    Kay RN from UIC Stem Cell Unit

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