2019-20 Chief Residents Announced

The following is a statement from Residency Program Director Dr. Manish Suneja.

It is with great pride that I announce the 2019-20 Chief Residents for the Internal Medicine Residency Program.

The Chief Residents are chosen for their leadership skills, moral integrity, and clinical acumen and are the most representative faces of the Internal Medicine Residency Program for the year. The Chief Residency represents the largest investment in leadership made by the Department, but the return on this investment is immeasurable.

We look forward to our Chief Residents serving as teachers, role models, and colleagues to our residents. Please join us in congratulating Salman, Brenden, Andrei, and Jennifer on their success! We look forward to their leadership.

Dr. Suneja also asked them to briefly describe why they were interested in the position of Chief Resident and what they hope to accomplish in the role. We will feature a longer introduction to the new Chiefs when they formally take office next year.

AnsariMohammad Salman Ansari, MD

As a future chief resident, I hope to be taking the first of many steps towards a fulfilling career path, which includes medical student and resident education. In addition to improving my own knowledge base and gaining clinical mastery, I am excited to give back and help improve the Internal Medicine program here at the University of Iowa. I look forward to working alongside our dedicated leadership and staff, whom I have looked up to during my training thus far.

BoyleBrenden Boyle, MD

I am honored and excited to be a future Chief Resident of this great Internal Medicine Residency Program. I hope to do my part in further advancing not only the reputation of this program but also the excellent medical education of our future physicians, and ultimately the care we provide for our patients. Personally, I look forward to the opportunity to further develop both my research and leadership skills as I build toward a career in Cardiovascular Medicine.

SchwartzAndrei Schwartz, MD

As someone who had not gone to medical school in the states, I had my worries before the beginning of residency – these faded quickly and I felt at ease with my role as an intern. I want to continue creating the same environment for my co-residents and especially the interns – an environment that combines academic excellence and resident’s wellness. I am very excited about the opportunity to contribute to the residency program and at the same time expand my clinical and teaching skills through this fulfilling role.

StrouseJenny Strouse, MD

I am excited to work with medical students, residents, faculty, and staff to make the best Internal Medicine residency program in the country even better! I look forward to continuing our culture of humanism and exceptional education that initially drew me to Iowa. I’d like to address feedback practices, the ultrasound curriculum, and diagnostic reasoning among other projects. I’m also interested in promoting wellness in medicine and working with residents to establish meaningful ways to achieve this.

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