You Make a Difference in Internal Medicine

The University of Iowa Health Care Making a Difference program is designed to recognize individuals who have performed in an exemplary manner, consistent with the goals of service excellence, and with a commitment to quality care.

From December-February, four members of our department were nominated by colleagues and patients for a variety of actions that have had a major impact. Recognizing others is fast and easy with the Making a Difference Nomination form.

Laith Abushahin, MD
Nominated by: Linda W., Patient’s Family (December 2017)

I would like to nominate Dr. Laith Abushahin for outstanding physician award ‐ doctor of the year. Dr. Laith cared for my dad who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Dad had chemo, radiation at Univ of Iowa clinics, and bravely fought this cancer for 16 months. Dr. Laith gave my Dad the treatment plan that allowed us to celebrate two Christmases after his diagnosis. Dad passed away in February 2017 at the Clarice Cook Hospice House in the Quad Cities. But Dr. Laith stopped into the hospital (3 different hospitalizations) when Dad was hospitalized and the last hospitalization talked with him about hospice when there was no more treatment options left. His talk with my dad was so compassionate‐-caring when he shared this info about hospice. It still bring tears when I think about how sincere/caring/kind this conservation was. Dr. Laith is truly one of the best physicians. My dad was a “fighter” and did not want to give up and the only  physician that Dad would listen to was Dr. Laith. Please let Dr. Laith know that he is really what all physicians should be/represent/inspire to. He is one of kind!

Chak Inampudi, MBBS
Nominated by: Aly Owens, Staff Member (January 2018)

I wanted to recognize Chak, the CVICU medicine fellow who was working New Year’s weekend, for being a team player. I was getting one of my patients ready for the day and Chak walked my other patient around the unit for me!

Mayy Chahla, MD
Nominated by: Bryn Kleffman, Staff Member (January 2018)

I would like to recognize Dr. Chahla for her kind, genuine actions today. I work with her on a regular basis and I’ve observed her go above and beyond for her patients numerous times. Today she met with a patient at the end of the day and exhibited such patience and compassion. She got down to the patient’s eye level, asked probing questions to understand what the patient was explaining about the current situation and even gave the patient a hug. Her actions are those of someone who truly makes a difference in the  medical field and for those who work with her. I appreciate her willingness to always discuss our shared patients and making me feel supported in my profession.

Page Scovel
Nominated by: Lauren M. Jordan, Staff Member (February 2018)

Ms. Scovel went above and beyond her duties two times the eve of Monday, February 12, 2018. First, after I had left the office for the day, I received a page to call the CRU. Ms. Scovel took the time to double check with me per protocol about a study specific lab draw time. This simple action meant a lot to me. Second, I received a second page from Ms. Scovel later in the night, which caused me to panic. But when I called Ms. Scovel and she started to explain, in such a calming voice, what had occurred with a recent patient, I realized my anxiety attack started to diminish. She not only documented the unplanned encounter via email but she then took the initiative to contact me by pager.

As a new research associate here at the University of Iowa, in a new area of medicine to research, situations like this can be very nerve-racking. And like Ms. Scovel said to me on the phone that night, I wanted to talk live with you because I know as a study coordinator, myself, if I had just received that email I would not be able to sleep tonight. I know that is exactly what would have happened if Ms. Scovel had not taken the initiative to page and speak with me on the phone. Ms. Scovel not only made a positive impact on my patient’s life but she also made a great impact on mine. The Clinical Research Unit is very lucky to have her as a member of their research team. As well as the clinical trials research team here in Pediatrics‐Genetics is very lucky to be able to work with her.

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