Residents Present on the National Stage

Our residents are representing the program at national meetings and making all of us proud! This year, a number of our residents had their submissions accepted and then presented their work at the following meetings:

Society of Hospital Medicine –Orlando FL

Nicole Grogan (K. Harris)- A Kidney’s Crisis
Chris DeZorzi (K. Harris)-Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy Mimicking CNS Metastases


Society of General Internal Medicine-Denver CO

Salman Ansari (W. Fiordellisi)-Managing Test Results-Communication and Documentation in the 21st Century
Brenden Boyle (W. Nauseef)-Non-menstrual Toxic Shock Syndrome: A Perfect Cytokine Storm


Natalie Cohen (K. Johnson)-Impact of Staffing Change on Resident Continuity Clinic
Chris DeZorzi (K. Harris)-A Cardiac Mass Disguised as Influenza


Aziz Hammoud (A. Grippen)-Hypercalcemia, Lytic Bone Lesions, Granulomas, and a Challenging Diagnosis
Iiro Honkanen (B. Bettendorf)-An Unlikely Cause of Periostitis


Chris Koehn (C. Kuehn) -Improving Appropriateness of Long-term Proton Pump Inhibitor Prescribing in Internal Medicine Resident Continuity of Care Clinics
Behnam Laderian (M. Voigt)-Cirrhosis in a Patient with Alcohol Use Disorder: What Else Could it Be? The Case Against Intuitive Reasoning


American College of Physicians –New Orleans LA

Nicole Grogan (K. Harris)-A Kidney’s Crisis
Justin Chau (B. Nassar)-What is DRESS Without the Drug?


Amanda Grippen-Goddard-Waxman Scholar -Taught Ultrasound Guided Lumbar Puncture


Congratulations to all the residents and their mentors!

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