Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellows Graduation, 6/15/18

Each division’s graduation event showcases its members’ best qualities. Spend any time with members of the Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Occupational Medicine and two facts about the division become clear. They genuinely enjoy each other’s company, and they love to tease each other. These facts were both on full display at the Park Lodge at Terry Trueblood Recreation Area.

Although the division supplied some appetizers and side dishes, many faculty members provided main courses. A variety of smoked meats from pork to goose and even some smoked tofu were laid out while arriving guests socialized and enjoyed appetizers and live jazz from a talented group of teens. (Two of whom are the sons of Dr. David Stoltz.) Attendees could also step out onto the deck and enjoy the warm sun and the view of paddle boarders on the water in the distance.



After everyone had arrived, they took their seats and fellowship director Dr. Jeff Wilson began the program. He ran through a list of division accomplishments, from grant wins to teaching awards to new family arrivals. Division Director Dr. Joe Zabner came up to present the fellows-selected Outstanding Faculty Teacher Award to Dr. Brian Gehlbach. Dr. Wilson also extended division thanks to the administrative personnel who keep the division and the fellowship on track and who had helped organize that evening’s event.

In a sign of what was to come later in the evening, some of the division’s humorous side started to emerge. Dr. Hassan Sajjad ran through an acrostic based on Dr. Doug Hornick’s name. Dr. Wilson drew everyone’s attention to a striking resemblance between Dr. Herb Berger and the inventor of a special pillow advertised on television.

Then Dr. Wilson introduced each of the fellows the group had gathered to honor that evening. First he ran through a quick game of “Know Your Fellows” complete with interesting facts and childhood photos of each of the fellows. He listed some of their accomplishments and allowed each of their mentors to come up and say a few words as well. Each fellow then received his certificate and posed for a picture with his family and mentors. Then it was time for the main course.



After everyone had been through the buffet enough times and took in a bit of the sunset over the water, everyone returned to their seats for two more presentations. First, Dr. Tom Gross revealed the story of the mysterious cherub El Jefe guarding the entrees and just how he came to have similar taste in clothes as Dr. Zabner. Then Dr. Gross presented a “fellows training video” with tips for navigating the fellowship that left the audience laughing.

The fellows themselves responded with a light roast of the faculty, including a “Where Are They Now” series and some data showing which faculty members were to be feared and which required the most convincing to order a particular procedure. Their presentation was titled “Graduation?” just in case they went a little too far with a joke. From the audience’s response, they were needlessly worried.



With even more socializing after the conclusion of the formal events, it was clear that no one was ready for the night to come to an end.

Congratulations to this year’s Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellows! You leave a division and department that will always be a home for you!

Amith George Jacob, MBBS
Julio Noriega, MD
Hassan Sajjad, MBBS

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