You Make a Difference in Internal Medicine

The University of Iowa Health Care Making a Difference program is designed to recognize individuals who have performed in an exemplary manner, consistent with the goals of service excellence, and with a commitment to quality care.

From May-July, three members of our department were nominated by colleagues and patients for a variety of actions that have had a major impact. Recognizing others is fast and easy with the Making a Difference Nomination form.

Jeydith Gutierrez Perez, MD
Nominated by: C. S., Patient (May 2018)

I had a cardiac event, they were so supportive, never left my side, and they were holding my hand. My husband said it was amazing, and they worked like a well‐oiled machine. They also kept checking on me even when I didn’t need anything. I can’t say thank you enough. Your hospital is amazing.

Matt Hines, ARNP
Nominated by: T. H., Patient (July 2018)

Matt, I just want to let you know that you are the only doctor I have ever had that has completely listened to me, helped me, and not judged my pain levels. You have been the most supportive, responsive, and caring doctor I have ever had. Thank you.

Jun Zhang, MD, PhD
Nominated by: Jerri Ranson, RN, Staff Member (July 2018)

A patient in the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center has a significant other whose father lives in China and was diagnosed with cancer. Dr. Zhang was approached and asked to please review the records that were in Chinese, offering any guidance for the cancer patient living in China.

Dr. Zhang responded so kindly, reviewed the records and responded within a week offering his guidance.

Dr. Zhang did this in the midst of his own busy patient population requiring his skill and care, exemplifying Service Excellence the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center strives to offer patients and their families!

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