ACP Iowa Chapter 2018 Meeting

Coinciding with the 2018 Progress conference, the Iowa Chapter of the American College of Physicians (ACP) held its meeting at the end of the day’s presentations. Though most of the business had been conducted among the chapter leadership the previous evening, there still remained a few more pieces of business. Foremost among them was which resident would represent the state in the Vignette Competition at the ACP national meeting in the spring. Internal Medicine at the University of Iowa had chosen its representative, and the three other residency programs in the state sent their finalists as well.

But first the Iowa Chapter also wanted to choose a team of residents to represent at the national meeting in the “Doctor’s Dilemma” competition. Also known as Medical Jeopardy, teams of three residents compete to answer a variety of questions. Vice Chair for Education Dr. Joe Szot stood in for Alex Trebek, while Chief Residents Drs. Nicole Grogan and Jennifer Langstengel served as score-keepers. As one question after another was posed, it became clear that the team from the University of Iowa—Drs. Chris Koehn, Andrei Schwartz, and Jeremy Steinman—would emerge the victors.

After a brief interlude while food and drink was gathered from a buffet, it was time for the Main Event. Guests and a panel of five judges heard the following presentations:

  • “A ‘Rash’ional Explanation for Foot Drop”
    Greggory Flint, DO
    University of Iowa-Des Moines Internal Medicine Residency Program
    UnityPoint Health-Des Moines
  • “More Than Meets the Eye: Bartonella Henselae Endocarditis Presenting as Acute Kidney Injury”
    Sepideh Darbandi, DO
    Internal Medicine Residency Program
    Mercy Medical Center-North Iowa
  • “Acute Abdomen and Crushing Chest Pain Following Surgery”
    Jason Cascio, MD, PhD
    Internal Medicine Residency Program
    University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
  • “Weathering the Highs and the Lows: Phoeochromocytoma Crisis”
    Ruth Campbell, DO
    Internal Medicine Residency Program
    Mercy-Des Moines

Each concise and well-documented presentation contained a mix of rigor, awareness of audience, and novel approach. It was clear to see how they each had reached this stage of the competition. The judges had their work cut out for them.

While they deliberated, Chapter Governor Dr. Scott Vogelgesang moved on to the presentation of the chapter awards. The Laureate Awards are given in recognition of a physician’s achievements and excellence in internal medicine in the state, distinguishing themselves through scholarship, research, or outstanding clinical care. The first went to Dr. Jill Powers, physician in the Grand River Medical Group in Dubuque, Iowa. The other Laureate Award recipient was Dr. Don Brown, Professor in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine at Iowa.

Dr. Vogelgesang then presented the 2018 Excellence Award, which is given as a mark of honor and recognition for achievement by a senior physician who has made significant contributions to internal medicine in the state. This year’s recipient was Dr. Robert Weis of Muscatine, Iowa. Dr. Weis reflected on his career and how fortunate he felt to have worked with so many excellent mentors during his time at the Carver College of Medicine, as well as the University of Missouri for his residency. “I have thoroughly enjoyed my career in medicine,” he said, “and witnessing its evolution through the last 40 years.” And then offering some advice, he added, “Find what interests you in medicine. Don’t be afraid to push yourself into new and exciting areas.”

In the moments before the judges rendered their verdict on the Vignette Competition, incoming Chapter Governor Dr. William Yost had one last presentation to make to the outgoing governor, Dr. Vogelgesang, now that his term is ending. Dr. Yost thanked Dr. Vogelgesang for his two years of service in the role, praised his talents, and presented a letter signed by ACP national leadership. In it, they cited a number of Dr. Vogelgesang’s accomplishments including winning the Chapter Excellence award and boosting membership by 16 percent. Moreover, they praised his efforts in developing the collaboration with the College of Pharmacy and the Society of Hospital Medicine in expanding the Progress conference.

The balanced panel of judges then returned and awarded University of Iowa’s Dr. Jason Cascio with first place for his vignette. His travel expenses and registration will be covered by the chapter when he goes to Philadelphia in April to compete on the national stage.


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