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LentzMilhemI am pleased to announce that we have implemented a new leadership structure for the Division of Hematology, Oncology, and Blood & Marrow Transplantation (HOBMT). The missions of the division have been divided operationally into a Section of Oncology led by Mohammed Milhem, MBBS, and a Section of Hematology led by Steven Lentz, MD, PhD. Faculty leaders of clinical programs within each section now report to their respective Section Chief, who report to the Department Chair.

Dr. Lentz is the Henry Hamilton Chair in Hematology and the Director of the University of Iowa Medical Scientist Training Program. He served as HOBMT Division Director since 2005, when he took on the role as Interim Director. I am grateful to Dr. Lentz for his many years of service to the department and that he continues to provide his leadership as Section Chief. Dr. Milhem holds the Holden Family Chair in Experimental Therapeutics and is Deputy Director of Clinical Research and Clinical Services in the UI’s Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center (HCCC). His acumen and management has contributed to Iowa’s reputation as a leader in breakthrough cancer trials.

WeinerCaptionIn addition to the operational reorganization, George Weiner, MD, Director of the HCCC, and I now provide oversight of the division’s finances, resources, recruitment, and strategic investments as the leaders of the HOBMT Executive Team. The HCCC’s organization, operations, and leadership will remain unchanged, but the new HOBMT Executive Team will allow for greater collaboration between the Department of Internal Medicine and the HCCC.

Now that this new structure has been in place for a few months, we have had the opportunity to test its effectiveness and adjust where needed. Feedback has been positive and our shared goals of meeting the missions of HOBMT and growing its impact remain firmly in place. Thank you to the members of HOBMT for their patience as we adapt the division for a stronger future.

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