Internal Medicine Grand Rounds in 2018: Variety and Depth

As medical education has moved from standing bedside with Sir William Osler into the auditorium and all the way to recorded presentations accessible from a device that fits inside your pocket, the concept of Grand Rounds has adapted. Though many institutions reportedly have reduced the primacy of the patient at the center, Internal Medicine at Iowa still strives to preserve the case study as the foundation of every Grand Rounds presentation.

Equal parts showcase of department breakthroughs and window into other institutional efforts, the Internal Medicine Grand Rounds is a weekly forum for the cutting-edge and the vital. With nearly four dozen hours to fill every year, department leadership assigned responsibility for topics and presenters to each of its nine divisions. This ensures that fresh ideas and perspectives both from within and without the department find their way into the Medical Alumni Auditorium every Thursday at noon.

This last year in Grand Rounds has been no exception. Overviews of activities organized by each Division Director, five clinical pathology conferences, and four named lectures can be counted on yearly, as well as the Chair’s State of the Department Address. This year, in addition to these cornerstone lectures, invitations were accepted by lecturers from all over the country including Harvard Medical School, University of Michigan, Dartmouth University, Mayo Clinic, Mount Sinai Medical Center, and the Seattle Children’s Research Institute. Presentations also came from best-selling authors on how to increase patient and physician safety.

All of these presentations, including those from the previous three years, are recorded and available for replay to institution members here.

Please enjoy this slideshow of just some of this year’s presenters.

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