PKD research gets boost from Hills family

In our most recent issue of Foundations & Innovations we profiled some of the generous donors whose philanthropy helps fuel the work we do in the department. One of those profiles was on Jared and Carol Hills, who have donated more than $3.5M to the University of Iowa over the last 45 years to a variety of efforts they believe strongly in. The majority of the Hills’ donations (more than $3M) has gone to a fund dedicated to research in polycystic kidney disease (PKD) after a personal connection surfaced within their family.

The Jared and Carol Hills Polycystic Kidney Disease Research Fund has now been bolstered by a recent $150,000 donation. “We are grateful for the generosity of the Hills family,” Nephrology Division Director Dr. Chou-Long Huang said. “Their support allows the PKD clinical and research team to engage in innovative research and exceptional patient care.” This team includes Dr. Huang, Dr. Christie Thomas, Dr. Lama Noureddine, Dr. Massimo Attanasio, and genetic counselor Maggie Armstrong.

During a recent visit to campus, the Hills family received direct reports from Drs. Huang and Thomas, among others, on specific activities their donations have launched.

For more information about the work University of Iowa Health Care does in our PKD clinics, contact Dr. Noureddine. For other renal clinics, including the recent expansion of a rare kidney diseases clinic and the introduction of genetic screening, visit To find out how you can support this and other work in the Department of Internal Medicine, please contact Alli Ingman or visit

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