What Internal Medicine Grads Are Saying

The following is a post from Internal Medicine Residency Director Dr. Manish Suneja and Education Development Director Jane Rowat.

As part of continuous quality improvement for the residency program, the Program Evaluation Committee is charged to complete annual reviews of the training program. This review includes gathering data from internal sources (program data and current residents and faculty surveys) and external sources including the ACGME annual resident and faculty surveys, as well as a survey sent to alumnae who completed the program one year and five years ago.

Included as part of the alumnae survey is a request for comments regarding their experiences which they have agreed can be shared. Comments received from former residents over the last two years demonstrate the impact the program has had on them and their careers; serve as a constant reminder of the work of so many every day; and provide a source of pride for the department.

Comments taken from the Program Evaluation Committee Alumnae Surveys 2018 and 2019 are below. (Some have been lightly edited for clarity only.)

UIHC offers a rock-solid training in internal medicine.

UIHC provided a challenging yet supportive training environment, which equipped me with the knowledge and experience necessary to manage complex patients in an academic setting.

The Internal Medicine Residency Program at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics was truly a fantastic experience! They taught me not only how to be a great internist but they also provided me with all the support to feel home away from home. The quality of our training is superb and the quality of our staff is absolutely extraordinary. They are devoted to providing you with their best in order for you to flourish not only as a physician but as a human being as well.


This is an excellent internal medicine program. You will be very well educated and feel confident going into practice. There is good work-life balance and the program is concerned about your health and wellness throughout your residency.

Iowa has an extremely strong training program providing a great base in general internal medicine. I could not have received any better training. The foundations in general internal medicine I developed at Iowa continue to serve me in the care of my patients each and every day.

I chose to rank UIHC first on my rank list because I was looking for the biggest, most academically rigorous program available in a smaller community. I was expected to work extremely hard but was always treated with respect and kindness from my attending while at UIHC. I graduated from the program with all the knowledge and skills I needed to be a good hospitalist physician and would highly recommend the program to anyone.


I would still rank Iowa internal med #1. Glad I got to train here.

The internal medicine residency at the University of Iowa was an excellent training experience that left me with confidence and a fund of knowledge that allowed me to fulfill my career goals.

In three years, you will be prepared to do anything in the field of medicine.

The program provided me with top-notch training and supported my path into becoming a physician-scientist.

I would choose this program for residency training again without hesitation. As I learn from other programs, I appreciate more and more all the effort Dr. Suneja, APDs, and all the faculty/staff make to provide outstanding learning opportunities at the U of Iowa.

Internal Medicine program at University of Iowa provides quality education by supporting each resident’s area of interest while delivering excellent general internal medicine knowledge with daily noon conference, individualized mentor assignment, and various inpatient and outpatient rotations at the university hospital and Veterans Affairs Medical Center. There is even a designated associate program director that guides residents through the fellowship process.


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