You Make a Difference in Internal Medicine

The University of Iowa Health Care Making a Difference program is designed to recognize individuals who have performed in an exemplary manner, consistent with the goals of service excellence, and with a commitment to quality care.

In January, four members of our department were nominated by colleagues and patients for a variety of actions that have had a major impact. Recognizing others is fast and easy with the Making a Difference nomination form.

Huy Tran, MD, PhD
Nominated by: D. R., Patient’s Family

I would like to bring to your attention: I first met Dr. Tran in the intensive care unit at U of Iowa. He has saved my husband’s life over and over. He gave his all each admission and has been a real rock for me both here in Waterloo and Iowa City. He takes his time, explains and teaches along the way. He is the most caring person. I have watched him interact with students and nurses. He has the most sincerity, respect, integrity, dignity and knowledge in anything he is involved in. He has been there when local doctors didn’t know what or how to treat my husband. He has been there even when admissions were not typically GI related. I have the deepest respect for Dr. Tran and I feel he deserves this recognition as a doctor and dear friend. Dr. Tran’s nurse is also helpful every time I call  or need any answers. Thank you and KUDOS for having such great doctor and caring nurse. You know who you are. Thank you!

Brian Gehlbach, MD
Nominated by: S. C., Staff Member

My step‐father, G. B., was a patient in MICU and Dr. Gehlbach cared for him. We had the devastating decision under Dr. Gehlbach’s care to decide whether or not to continue care or do comfort care for him. During this time I, as well as the rest of my family, felt that Dr. Gehlbach was amazing! He was so compassionate to our family, especially my mom. I feel that he was very attentive during his time with us, without any distractions. Being a healthcare worker here I know that can be very hard to do as the hospital is very busy and Gary was not his only patient, and we were not his only family to help. He sat with my mother and answered all of her questions and really put her mind at ease in a very difficult time. I feel that he explained everything so that she could easily understand what was going on as well as put her mind at ease about the situation. She even told me after everything was said and done that she really loved him as a doctor! I feel that in the healthcare field we don’t see this often enough anymore. More importantly, as healthcare workers I don’t think we hear this enough from patients and families when it does happen. I just wanted to let Dr. Gehlbach know how much we as a family appreciated what he did for us! He is truly one of a kind. A lot could be learned from him in the healthcare world! Thank you so much!

Internal Medicine Team
Nominated by: G. and C. F., Patient

C. and I were out walking in Naples, Florida, when she realized that she was experiencing an acute urinary‐tract infection. She called IRL‐Internal Medicine,  leaving a voice‐mail request for a prescription. We walked to our car and headed for the  nearest Walgreens in Naples, to see if they could activate a previous prescription. When  we got there, we were told that your renewal had already been registered; the  prescription would be ready in fifteen minutes. We later received a call from the IRL  nurse inquiring about C. We’re talking about a twenty‐minute process to get the  prescription filled. I think this is an amazing story of responsive medicine. We note that you will not be compensated for any of this. We are grateful for your great service.

Wendy Fiordellisi, MD, MS
Nominated by: B. B., Patient

I was at clinic for my 6 month checkup at IRL with Dr. Fiordellisi. I simply wanted to thank all the staff from the greeters, so cheerful, the lab tech did such a good job I did not even feel the needle, the kind nurse who took all my vitals, and Dr. Fiordellisi, so on top of everything, always happy to answer my questions and give good advice with goals to work on. I am very happy that I got to choose you for my doctor and I appreciate all that you do and all your knowledge. I do count you all as one of my blessings. So keep up the great work, you all deserve high praise. Thank you kindly.

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