Nizar receives ASCI award

Jonathan Nizar, MD, assistant professor in Nephrology, received the American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI) 2019 Young Physician-Scientist Award. Nizar, who joined Internal Medicine at Iowa last month, was nominated by a faculty member at his previous institution, Stanford University School of Medicine. Welcome and congratulations, Dr. Nizar! A more formal introduction is in development.

Nizar’s recent research, which was published in JCI Insight, found that renal tubule insulin can increase blood pressure and regulate glucose and sodium reabsorption in response to conditions such as obesity and insulin resistance. Nizar’s research aims to expand our understanding of the kidney’s insulin sensitivity and the management of conditions such as hypertension and kidney disease.

Each year, the ASCI’s Young Physician-Scientist Award honors about 30 investigators who have completed influential research during their first faculty appointment. Recipients of this award are invited to the joint meeting of ASCI, the Association of American Physicians, and the American Physician-Scientists Association. Nizar and the other award recipients can present their research at ASCI’s Food & Science Evening and also are invited to attend the ASCI President’s Reception and Dinner.

ASCI’s stated mission is to aid the scientific, educational, and clinical aspirations of more than 3,000 biomedical physician-scientists. Established in 1906, the Society is composed of some of the best researchers in academic medicine, including more than 30 members from the University of Iowa. ASCI is also known for publishing the Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI) and JCI Insight.

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