Moffett earns Latham fellowship

Madeline Moffett, an undergraduate Human Physiology major working in the lab of E. Dale Abel, MD, PhD, has been accepted into the Latham Science Engagement Program as one of their fellows for the 2019–20 academic year. Sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Latham fellows will complete two courses in science-communication skills and outreach, design and deliver projects that connect the broader community to scientific research, and participate in a year-end event showcasing their research activity.

“I feel extremely honored to be accepted into the Latham program,” Moffett said. “I am excited to collaborate with faculty members and my fellow students who also see the value in engaging and communicating science.”

As one of the hundred undergraduate researchers in Internal Medicine, Moffett works most directly with Rhonda Souvenir, PhD, an associate in the Division of Endocrinology and member of the Abel Lab. Moffett’s tasks include assisting Souvenir with genotyping, animal husbandry, protein assays, and platelet isolation.

“On really special days, I observe or sometimes assist Dr. Souvenir with mouse gonadectomies, carotid artery isolation and blood collection, and seahorse bioenergetic assays. These experiences have shown me how deep my love and appreciation for science runs,” Moffett said. “I get to be a part of a community dedicated to bettering the lives of others, while also sharpening my critical thinking and problem-solving skills.”

Although Moffett has not chosen an outreach program yet, she is interested in projects that would encourage young girls to get involved in STEM. Moffett also hopes to highlight research conducted by undergraduate members of sororities and fraternities.


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